Hawaii Cyber Deals Start: Surf The Savings Wave Now

Hawaii Cyber Deals Start: Surf The 50% Savings Wave Now

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the excitement builds for the highly anticipated 2024 Hawaii deals on airfare and accommodations. Today, we’re back presenting our annual predictions, backed by our track record of accuracy from previous years. Celebrating our 16th year covering the best Hawaii travel deals, get ready to be inspired and save up to half on your 2024 Hawaii vacation!

Two Hawaii Hotel Deals Announced and Can Be Booked Now.

Hilton Hawaiian Village: Save up to 50% now on their just-announced Cyber Deals. The last chance to book is November 27. Complete your stay by October 31, 2024. Full payment is required and non-refundable.

Outrigger Resorts and Hotels: Save up to 40% off resort and hotel rates and up to 30% off idyllic vacation rental bookings. Book between November 22 through December 4, 2023. If you want early access, join their loyalty program for free, Outrigger Discovery, and you can get their Cyber Deal now. This offer is available at properties on Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai.

Cyber savings in paradise: Hawaii Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals started early. 

Black Friday doesn’t start officially until November 24, and Cyber Monday not until November 27. But this year, more than any before, it has gotten an early start, and we can already see what the savings price points are likely to be.

More deals are being released daily and over the next ten days through Travel Tuesday on November 29. We’ll continue to offer every Hawaii Cyber Deal we find. We’ll be diligently tracking deals, covering discounts on airfares, hotels, tours, cruises, and more. So please stay tuned with us for the hottest deals and breaking Hawaii travel news.

What’s the Hawaii Cyber Deal price point to watch for?

Whether for accommodations or airfare, the deal that seems to be hitting the mark is 50% off. Of course, that doesn’t mean all day, all flights, all hotels. But generally, that’s where this year’s Hawaii Cyber Deals are headed.

Expect Hawaii airfare deals from the entire Hawaii travel biz, including Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. American, Delta, and United will make noteworthy contributions too, and we’ll keep you updated as the Hawaii airfare deal savings unfold.

Airfare Hawaii Cyber Deals

Looking ahead to Black Friday 2023, we predict airfares to be well below the $99 mark from competitive West Coast gateways like San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. That will bring the lowest cost of airfares to perhaps as low as $160 round trip. East Coast and mid-west pricing will be higher, but we’ll see some of those at about $300 round-trip.

Not only that, but we already have word of a $100 savings on Southwest Hawaii gift cards next week.

Accommodation Hawaii Cyber Deals

Accommodation deals, excluding holidays, are anticipated to offer in the range of 30% to 50% discount on dates through spring 2024.

Moving to Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday predictions, we foresee additional drops below $99, with airlines possibly offering promotional codes, limited dates, and reduced availability. Prices may even briefly touch the $79 range, presenting savings of up to 33% off the cheapest fares.

Hawaii hotels are also expected to see further reductions, with potential offers of up to 40% off. Expedia has already teased a member-exclusive savings event, promising “bigger and better” hotel savings of 30% or more. Get ready for the excitement – are you holding out for Hawaii Black Friday and Cyber Monday to book your next Hawaii vacation? What are your expectations? Stay tuned for the latest updates and exclusive offers!

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