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Black Friday + Cyber Monday Hawaii Travel Deals To Expect

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, there’s much anticipation of what 2023 Hawaii deals will be for airfare and accommodations. Today we’ve got our annual predictions on what will unfold. Our predictions last year were pretty much spot on. This is our 14th year covering the best Hawaii travel deals for you. Get ready to be inspired to save money on your 2023 Hawaii vacation!

Black Friday will kick off on November 25, Cyber Monday on November 28, and Travel Tuesday will start on November 29. One thing for sure is that Hawaii travel deals will go beyond the three traditional days, and some have already begun to be announced. We’ll stay on top of the deals throughout the next week plus over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Discounts we’ll be covering include airfares to all the islands, Hawaii hotels, plus tours, cruises, and maybe more. So please stay tuned for the best deals and all the breaking Hawaii travel news.

Hawaii airfare deals will be from the most Hawaii-centric airlines, including Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. American, Delta, and United will have something to say, too, and we’ll report on it all as it unfolds.

2022 Hawaii Black Friday travel deal predictions.

Black Friday remains a great day to score Hawaii deals. We expect Black Friday airfares to start at or even below the $99 mark from competitive west coast gateways such as San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. $99 would reflect a savings of 17% off the current cheapest airfares. Prices could even go lower from some cities to all islands. How much lower deal prices may go on that first sale day is unclear. East coast and mid-west pricing for airfares each way should start in the $200+ range.

Accommodation deals, except holidays, are expected to be at least 30% off on dates through spring 2023. Of course, those rates have already gone up on average by 50%, but still, something off is better than nothing.

2022 Cyber Monday and 2022 Travel Tuesday Hawaii travel deal predictions.

Come Cyber Monday, or even over Thanksgiving weekend, there should be further drops sneaking in below $99. Honestly, airlines themselves don’t know how this will unfold yet. But once one caves, the others will follow. We expect the cheapest Hawaii airfares to feature promo codes, limited dates, and reduced availability. Jeff would not even be surprised for prices from west coast gateways to briefly head down to the $79 range. That would reflect a savings of up to 33% off the cheapest fares.

Hawaii hotels should also dip further, with offers of as much as 40% off possible.

Expedia has already announced their member-exclusive savings event, “bigger and better,” with hotel savings of 30% or more off. And that’s just for starters.

Are you waiting for Hawaii Black Friday and Cyber Monday to book your next Hawaii vacation? What are you expecting to find?

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7 thoughts on “Black Friday + Cyber Monday Hawaii Travel Deals To Expect”

  1. Aloha Rob and Jeff! Thank you so much for all your wonderful tips and advice through the past 5 years since we started traveling to the Big Island. Wondering if you think there will be any car rental deals coming up? Traveling end of February to first of March. Have one booked now through Costco with free cancelation if a better deal shows up.
    Mahalo for your help,

    1. Hi Jan.

      Thank you. Yes, it is entirely possible. You may have seen that we scored a $27/day Hertz mid-size in Honolulu recently. That was a pleasant surprise.


  2. Aloha Rob+Jeff I wonder how many people will curtail their Thanksgiving dinner “overload eating” to be able to stay awake and hit the deals at 12:01 a m. Kind of like making a reservation for a permit to go to the North Shore. I am curious to see all the deals. Hope you both have a great holiday and mahalo for all of your current travel news. Always appreciated.

  3. Airfares are predicted to drop below $200 for five hour flights on safe, clean, modern aircraft across open ocean to the most isolated populated (and beautiful) island chain in the world? This boggles the mind.

    What boggles the mind even more will be to continue to read the myriad complaints of entitled travelers moaning about “cramped” legroom, “sub-par” in-flight meal quality, having to gate check their “carry-ons,” “oh-so-long” 20 minute departure delays, “less than perfect” service by the flight attendants, and fellow passengers who either snore or look at them funny. I can’t wait.

  4. Hi, do you think they’re going to do a JFK to HNL direct business class offering for Black Friday? Hoping they do something, even a reduced points award ticket

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