Hawaii Daylight Saving Failed | Now US Seeks To Join Hawaii

Hawaii Daylight Saving Failed | Now US Seeks To Join Hawaii

The rest of the U.S. may soon follow Hawaii’s example of not changing clocks. Daylight Saving Time is back on for discussion.

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53 thoughts on “Hawaii Daylight Saving Failed | Now US Seeks To Join Hawaii”

  1. Living in Arizona since 2005, it’s great not having to mess with the clock twice a year, the days get longer in the summer and shorter in the winter naturally, Their is no need to make it even darker earlier in the afternoon, Always 3 hours from Hawaii time😍

  2. We should remain on stand time, year around. Kids shouldn’t have to go to school in the dark. This morning, in Dallas, sunrise wasn’t till 0741. On Monday, when the school busses roll kids will be standing on the corners in the dark. Not a safe situation at all.

    1. No! Keep it under DST…there are some of us that prefer the extra hour of daylight over it getting dark early!

  3. Day light savings time allows me to do things while there is still sunlight. I get off at 6:30 and feel like a vampire. I enjoy yhe extra daylight in the he evening. I can go to the park, and other thingd. It is nice to leave work with the sun still up.

  4. I live in CA…I hate Daylight savings time…there is absolutely no need for it. All you are doing is artificially adjusting ” normal” time.

  5. I thank it was a good idea for Hawaii to go all Daylight Savings Time and keep the clocks locked in because they have more sunlight earlier and later than the rest of the rest of the USA. I just hope the rest of the USA catches up. Thanks.

  6. I do not like daylight saving time and I worked for farmers yes it’s nice to have the extra hour in the evening but you are not saving any energy in the morning by turning all the lights on and it is not safe for children going to school I the dark

  7. First of all, it has to be made clear that only the Northern part of the U.S. benefits from DST, and they Do benefit. Having it permanent one way or another would never make sense for these reasons:

    1. Since sunrise changes Markedly in Northern states and they don’t want their kids walking to the school bus stop in the dark, “falling backward” one hour alleviates this issue.

    2. They whole “permanent” idea never made sense because it will never compensate for the fact that in the winter Northern states’ days are much shorter. The 70’s attempt was to try to prevent massive use of lighting in businesses at the end of the business day, but it had even More kids going to school in the dark!

    3. DST is a good idea for The North. Period.

  8. I really don’t care which way we go as long as it’s permanent. So let’s fix this the issue, somebody do something instead of sitting around doing nothing.

  9. DST should absolutely be abolished. It’s just asinine all around. 12:00 is not close to noon, the sun rises too late, and it causes an exaggeration of sunset times with a 3-hour swing between summer and winter in SoCal when it naturally swings 2 hours on its own. If the government is really dead set on making us do things earlier, all they have to do is shift their operating hours to one hour earlier and private enterprise would follow suit. DST is so asinine (along with CA’s government) that high schools in the state were mandated to begin a half hour later this year because kids “had to get up too early.” Talk about a facepalm moment.

    1. No! DST should not be abolished! Much prefer having the extra hour of daylight as opposed to it getting dark at 5:30! And besides, I get off work at 5:40 and under standard time, it’s already dark by then…I feel a lot safer walking out to my car when it’s still daylight

  10. I think again fo be honest that we certainly shoukd Continue Switching Our Clocks Back To Standard Time This Fall and/or just stay on Standard Time instead. Kids need to commute to school in Daylight and not in Darkness/Nighttime. It’s Extremely Dangerous for these kids to commute to school in Darkness and so they need daylight. People’s Schedules will be Totally Screwed Up with The Time and the Darkness and so we all need Daylight for Our Bodies to be Easier. We need to just go Back to Standard Time and stay in Standard Time.

    Justin R

    1. Justin, you just perfectly described why the Northern states need flexible (changing) DST.

      There are much fewer hours of sunlight in December and making it permanent either way would mean kids are either going to or from school in the dark. This is a big deal to parents, especially in the inner city where kids have to walk through dicey neighborhoods. (in December and January sunrise wouldn’t be until after 8am!!! Please check this site:


  11. I strongly dislike this changing time back and forth. We tried making it permanent in the 70’s as brought out in your article. None of the things that were touted as reasons for going to permanent DST materialized, so it was stopped, again as brought out in tour article. I guess those in Congress now who think it’s a grand idea, either weren’t born then, are too young to remember, or think they’re smarter than those Congressmen from the 70’s. And obviously aren’t smart enough to check out history.

  12. Where is the logic? You don’t add or lose one minute of daylight by moving a clock. Adjust your routine accordingly.

  13. Too each their own, but as long as NYC and DC run the news cycle I’m happy we mimick it, nothing worse than being off the normal tv times for part of the year. Still have trouble watching morning football in Hawaii, but I’ll keep trying to manage.

    1. No! Make DST permanent! A lot of people prefer to have the extra hour of daylight rather than it getting dark early…I don’t get off until 5:40 and under standard time, by the time I get off, it’s already dark…I feel a lot safer walking out to my car when it’s still daylight..

  14. Daylight Savings Time should be Abolished, the lies for its existence have long ago been exposed. Going to One Standard or the other across the entire Nation makes for uniformity, except for Time Zones which should remain in force. Both Houses of Congress should act on this to pass the necessary legislation on to the President’s Desk. Hopefully this won’t get screwed up and we can get a restful sleep without worrying about setting clocks back and forth.

  15. I live in Arizona and Love that we dont change our clocks back/forward!!
    (Ps….but grew up in Oregon)
    You all should join in!

  16. The simple solution for the mainland is to set their clocks halfway between standard time and saving time and leave them there. Then they get most of the benefits of both times.

    There are places in the world whose time zones are not on the hour. Locations that use non standard time zones include India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran, Myanmar, Newfoundland, Regions of Australia, Venezuela, Nepal, Chatham Islands, and the Marquesas Islands.

    1. That would not bring uniformity to the States, including Hawaii, that don’t participate. Adding too much confusion to the situation will just encourage Congress to screw it up worse, remember how that place “works!” A One for All and All for One approach is the only way to solve this issue.

  17. “This ritual of changing time twice a year is stupid.”

    I’m in full agreement with Little Marco. I have a work-around. Since time zones are purely a social construct, I will identify as being on Hawaiian time, no matter where I am.

    1. I personally prefer the Old Indian (Native American/Indigenous Peoples) way of “Walk About Time. They’re Never Late and Always On Time, when they get there it’s time! No clocks necessary. What amazes me are those who can tell time, typically to within 10 minutes, without seeing a clock or watch of any type, sun dials included. Truly an amazing gift!

  18. Mahalo for a bit of history of DST in Hawaii.

    Here in Colorado, I have never understood the trouble of changing the clock 1 hour twice a year. Many of us here go to Vegas or California for a weekend trip and have to adjust to the one hour time change twice in 3 days. Never stops us from going and having a great time.

    Being further north, we do have more fluctuations in daylight. I certainly enjoy my 8:30 sunsets in the summer. If we had a 7:30 sunset, sunrise would be at 4:30. I certainly wouldn’t want the sun shining in my bedroom skylight at 4:30. In the Winter, as much as I don’t like the 4:30 sunset on Standard time, if we stayed on DST, the sun would rise at 8:30 am. To me, dealing with a clock change is easier.


    1. Ed you hit the nail on the head. In 2006, they had the idea to make DST from the 1st Sunday in March to the last Sunday in November. Then someone watered it down to what it is now. In order for safety Standard Time is really only needed December January and February for the schools. Now adays most of the clocks adjust automatically anyway and when daylight time starts just sleep in later. The time change gives people something to complain about. Let’s use the sunlight when needed most.

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