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Hawaii Does Not Celebrate Columbus Day and Here’s Why

Since 1988 there has been no Columbus Day holiday in Hawaii. This year another big change took place with a new holiday and name. Here’s how this happened.

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65 thoughts on “Hawaii Does Not Celebrate Columbus Day and Here’s Why”

  1. Says the peoples of Tahiti later ca lled Hawaiians stole the islands frm its inhabitants..hmm, guess it doesn’t work both ways? I love Columbus day!

  2. I find that Columbus Day is more of an east coast thing than a west coast thing. Having lived in California for over 50 years, outside of government offices, it is pretty much a non-event.

  3. You might want to check your facts. Perhaps research news articles at the time of the switch to MLK. Had everything to do with too many state holidays. The state is limited to XX days. Adding MLK would put the state above XX. So the Governor swapped MLK for Columbus. The state had to give up one of it’s holidays to fit in MLK. That’s it.

  4. It’s a Federal holiday. Only fed government workers and USPS are the most people off. In Delaware schools are open on Columbus Day.

    1. There is no such thing as a Native Anything. its crock of poo poo. Read the book the Migration of Man. No one is a native orlf any land mass. Its a scam. The indians killed out those who were here before them and then the immigration of Europeans into America did them in. History is comparable to the instructions on a shampoo bottle: Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

      1. So we need to celebrate this? Especially given how very very tiny the planet has become……how even those who don’t to be connected, now are.
        It’s called “evolving”.

        1. No one is requiring you to celebrate Columbus Day, just like I’m not required to use someone’s ‘preferred pronouns’. We live in what was once the land of the free, where people were able to live their lives without fear of being attacked for what they believe. Celebrate that.

  5. Although the Americas were settled in prehistoric times by Asiatic people (from northeastern Asia, probably), and Vikings came from Iceland to stay in Greenland and, probably, Newfoundland and Labrador for a time, Columbus is still a major historical figure, since his voyage changed world history, while the other arrivals did not–
    both the “Old World” and the “New World” would never be the same. We should not judge historical figures by our present-day social values. Furthermore, I love the United States of America, and I consider its eventual founding to have been a blessing to the world.

  6. They were smaller Polynesians called marquesans and we’re very afraid of the larger Polynesians and so they hid themselves. They are stIl here.

  7. No we absolutely don not like that but by your interfering here we are forced to suffer through it. When James Cook parked his ship in kealakekua there were 400,000 thousand kanaka Maoli living quite comfortably in that small valley then by James Cook estimate himself
    Explain to me why 20 years later why there were barely 20,000 thousand later and only twenty years later.

  8. Actually they knew they had the moral responsibility to change themselves and so as today is discoverers day and that is the truth brother and you can’t change the truth

  9. A whole lot of ‘presentism’ going on. (judging the people of the past through moral lens of today). They too felt they had the ‘moral’ responsibility to change others. Tell me what is different today?

    1. You statement that “We should not judge historical figures by our present-day social values” is forgetting that Columbus was considered brutal and barbaric by the standards of his time. He was sent back to Spain in chains for his crimes and only spared because of his relationship to the royals. The Queen herself reprimanded him for enslaving her subjects and freed the few surviving slaves from his ship.
      His brutal conquest over the caribbean Islands he “discovered” decimated the native population through murder, mutilation, starvation and disease. Roughly 50 years after the “discovery” only 500 of the original estimated population of 300,000 remained. 50,000 committed mass suicide by starving themselves, leaping from cliffs or poisoning the

      1. This right here is perfect example of made up facts to make a great man responsible for the acts of other bad people. Columbus was looking for a new place for the Jews to hide whom were being kicked out of Spain and Portugal. Read the book Columbus: Secret Jew. And read his writings and his Som’s and then you’ll know the truth.


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