Hawaii Flight Attendant Signing To Deaf Child Not A Publicity Stunt

Sometimes we forget the humanness of life. When we travel, it’s easy to get caught up on stuff that can be annoying, like high costs, long TSA lines, flight delays, hotel issues, confirming reservations, and the list goes on. But a video we saw that has gone viral about a Hawaiian Airlines flight brought it all home. This video isn’t by or about Hawaiian Airlines but rather just humanity. And the timing is perfect right after Thanksgiving and at the start of the December holiday season. It went like this.


The parents of a deaf child shared the video below. This flight was reportedly the child’s first and it will leave a long-lasting favorable impression of all things travel-related.

A flight attendant recognized the parents signing to the child using ASL (American Sign Language). Well, it turns out that the flight attendant also knew ASL. He came over and started signing to the boy, who responded in ASL to the flight attendant. What a surprise that must have been for both of them, and a special moment. This exchange was not planned or captured by the airline or its personnel.

The video has been seen nearly 4 million times, which makes it clear that a feel-good story can make a mark, even in today’s sometimes jaded world.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this and the positive travel experiences you have had in Hawaii where someone reached out to you and made a difference.


Hey @Hawaiian Airlines …we love to see the inclusion. Thanks for making babies first flight a memorable one 🤟

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9 thoughts on “Hawaii Flight Attendant Signing To Deaf Child Not A Publicity Stunt”

  1. Aloha!
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    The Acts of Kindness Series are written for Animation Movies with Sign Language characters ( 200 Folkmanis Puppets) with soundtrack by lo al Waikiki artists Lucie & The Perfect Wave.

    All USA classroom teachers can request copies for every student from Donorschoosee.org

    So,Go Out & Play !

  2. That kid was how old, maybe two? Hard to tell from the video. Not to be a Grinch or anything, but that child will have absolutely zero memory of this, other than maybe watching the video when he’s older. Zero. It’s what kids do.

    1. Well you nailed Eldo, you certainly are a Grinch! My take is that the child may not remember the specifics, but a seed was planted in him that the world is not such a foreign place after all, there are good people that care out there, even if you have a disability. At some level, it makes a positive impact on that child. If nothing else everyone else got a nice dose of the good that is out there in most people if you are open to it. Nice to see the Aloha spirit alive and well!

    2. Definitely a Grinch. Obviously you can’t understand what a parent of a Deaf child feels when someone can communicate in the same language as their child…. And for that child to see another adult that they do not know signing? Must have been awesome, even at the wee age of whatever! 🤙🏼🌺

    3. An act of kindness to a 2 year old or 100 year old person goes along way. It’s a form of communication. If a parent never touches, responds, or communicates with a baby at all what would happen to the baby?
      My grandfather died when I was a year old. From birth he picked me up on weekends to spend time with me because he was dying. Do you know I have no physical memories of him because I was a baby. But I tell you this, I miss him as if I knew him my whole life. Moral to the story, you don’t have to remember love and kindness. It just has to be felt. I felt loved my whole life because of my grandfather. Never understimate the value of kindness or Aloha at any age.

  3. I love this! I am also fairly fluent in ASL and when working as a CSA for Hawaiian I would always try to be available to a guest that signed so that they would have the best experience not only for their trip but to ensure that their needs were met as humans that use a different language to communicate. It was always a joy for me as well because I Love the language so much and don’t get many chances to use it. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the article about the little boy and flight attendant using sign language. We need more articles like that from you as your articles are usually very negative!

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