Hawaii Flights $16 As Empty Arriving Flights Ferry Passengers Home

Hawaii Flights $16 As Empty Arriving Flights Ferry Visitors Home

Southwest stepped forward with a very unusual early announcement. They are offering all interisland airfares for just $19 each way (we just booked interisland travel and it was actually $16 rather than $19) for the next few days to help move people and pets around the state, as a result of the devastating fires on Maui and the Big Island.

At the same time it was just reported that United Airlines is cancelling all incoming passengers on flights to Hawaii and will instead fly empty planes to Maui in order to ferry mainland passengers home. We do not that they have 6 cancelled Maui flights today. American Airlines may in fact be doing the same thing, and is reporting 7 canceled Maui flights today.

This is a good will gesture in a dire situation, and appears to have nothing to do with promoting airfares at all, in this, a very stressful and challenging time in Hawaii.

Here’s the brief Southwest Hawaii offer:

“Due to the ongoing wildfires in Maui, and the need for people to get off of that Island, Southwest is offering $19.00 fares for all nonstop interisland flights today through Friday. There are also lower fares from Hawaii to the mainland for that same timeframe. The interisland pet fare is being decreased to $1.00 per flight. The fares have been published online, and Customers have already begun booking.”

Southwest Airlines

Southwest also indicated that their pet fee would be just $1 per flight during this time frame. While Hawaii to the mainland at reduced flights was also indicated, we did not find those.

Hawaiian Airlines $19 one way airfares.

Hawaiian joined and is also offering what appears to be a more limited number of interisland seats at a price of $37 round-trip. These special circumstances airfares are for Wednesday through Friday of this week only.

Travel to Maui, however, should be avoided entirely at this time.

The situation is very fluid and the infrastructure of the entire island is overwhelmed by the enormity of the devastating and unprecedented fire that destroyed Lahaina yesterday.

The state has asked that people please delay travel to Maui until further notice. Also read:

Maui Fire: Do-Not-Fly + Guide To Cancellations/Refunds/Travel Waivers

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45 thoughts on “Hawaii Flights $16 As Empty Arriving Flights Ferry Visitors Home”

  1. Interested In Future travel to other hawaiian islands

    Praying for All Maui people safety including: visitor’s natives & residents having to flee Evacuate due to very horrible wildfire disaster.

  2. For those who want to help from Oahu there is a food and supplies drive at Pearl Country Club. Drop at the Clubhouse during business hours. Also, Blood Bank of Hawaii has is in dire need for donors and is a great way to help those hurting the most.

  3. Southwest is a great company showing Aloha when its needed most.
    Hopefully this will dispell the negative feelings some Hawaii residents have expressed since thier initial service to the islands.
    Many thoughts and prayers to those hurting so deeply on Maui!

    1. My prayers go out to all of people who are suffering from this disaster. The airlines shouldn’t be charging for flights to leave Maui. The people have lost enough

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