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Hawaii Pivots: Strange New Rules, Some Easing Starts December | Troubles Loom

Many rules to change starting December 1, but some things will stay the same.

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72 thoughts on “Hawaii Pivots: Strange New Rules, Some Easing Starts December | Troubles Loom”

  1. From BOH: “The governor said that there are no longer any metrics upon which the state can rely for any further changes to COVID rules.”
    Translation: I’ll change the rules when I damn well please.

    1. Hello PAUL L

      Governor Ige is well versed in government.

      “The first law of bureaucracy is to guarantee its own continuance.”
      ― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

  2. We are currently on Maui. We have no problems with the rules currently in place. One tip I would give would be to get your safe travels wristband at the airport of departure. Your only dealing with one airline. If you wait until you arrive at the Islands you will be dealing with many airlines. The line can be long and time consuming. Aloha, guys.

  3. Can anyone on here legitimately explain FL then? Had their wave, like every State is about to.

    No masks, no mandates, and currently the best Covid stats in the country in real time.

    One would think, “sure their spike reduced a bit, but to have it reduce that much and stay reduced that much” it should be something every State looks at. Well it’s being completely ignored.

    1. Perhaps because FL has had 61,157 deaths to Hawaii’s 999? Do the math, far greater per capita death rate in FL than HI….simple as that. Florida prioritized business over life. Hawaii prioritized life as being more important then money. You can recover from a bad year or two in business, you can’t recover from death. Also keep in mind that for every death their are countless loved ones left behind that have lived through a devastating tragedy.

    2. Aloha Jeff! Sounds like Florida is your go-to vacation spot! If you don’t want to mask up, get vaxxed, or practice social distancing, then Hawaii is not for you. Also, Florida his averaging over 1500 new Covid cases per day — nothing to brag about. Mahalo.

  4. Hi BOH GUYS,
    Please elaborate
    I am confused you guys, and others keep indicating that it seems its the locals coming home spreading covid or driving up the numbers. Do they (the locals) not have to follow the same rules the rest of us do to get back home to Hawaii? IE Being vaccinated or tested prior to arrival? It makes no sense to me unless they are exempt from the testing requirements because they live there? Please elaborate.

    1. Hi Paul.

      Testing and vaccination are options to avoid quarantine. They are not required and quarantine is still acceptable without these. Quarantine obviously doesn’t work for visitors.



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