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Hawaii Vacation Rules To Be Relaxed Soon As Local Immunity Soars

Hawaii announced yesterday that it has hit 2,000,000 vaccinations to date, with comments from the state’s two top leaders. So what does that have to do with Hawaii vacations? A lot. Some obvious answers and some surprises lie ahead. Read on for just how long will it be until restrictions are relaxed.

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green.

“We’ve reached now 90% of everyone 12 and older” to have had at least one vaccination. In addition, nearly 5% of the state’s population is believed to have had Covid, “which is to say that there is a lot of immunity,” according to the Lt. Gov. physician, who added, “that’s why our cases keep dropping.” The number of those infected is down by 50% in just the past few weeks, also according to Green, who concluded, “that means our hospitalizations will come down. Fatalities will come down. That will be the rationale to reduce (travel) restrictions.”

Governor David Ige.

Ige said yesterday that, while very pleased that so many people have been vaccinated, it is premature to change any of the rules, including those recently implemented, such as vaccine passports. “We still have too many cases,” he said. The state says that 79% of “eligible residents” are now fully vaccinated.

Ige said he anticipates encouraging tourism this year after asking visitors to stay away through October just a month ago. That admonition, albeit without “teeth,” significantly discouraged visitors and impacted airlines, hotels, restaurants, and activities reliant on tourism.

How long will it be until restrictions are relaxed?

Ige said yesterday, “please be patient for another two, four, six weeks because we are making progress.” That came as the number of new cases was only 255 yesterday and 240 today, which are the lowest numbers in several months. Ige said specifically that he is “hopeful that we will release more restrictions and be able to invite those who are vaccinated back to the islands. We do know it’s important to our economy and important to getting everyone back to work.” He added, Hawaii will again be “more aggressive and active in encouraging visitors to return, especially those that are vaccinated.”Rules we expect to see relaxed first include capacity limits currently imposed across the travel industry.

International arrivals to Hawaii to resume.

The US is preparing to welcome vaccinated travelers from outside the country. While details weren’t mentioned, Hawaii will be joining in that effort. Ige said that “full recovery cannot occur if we don’t have international travelers.” International arrivals make up a significant percentage of Hawaii visitors, and they typically spend more in Hawaii than do domestic tourists.

32 thoughts on “Hawaii Vacation Rules To Be Relaxed Soon As Local Immunity Soars”

  1. I haven’t heard any mention of welcoming cruise ships back to Hawaii. We have a cruise booked in November and wonder if it will actually happen.

  2. Ok picture this. In the governors office on a zoom call with all the mayors, there is the Wheel of fortune”. But instead of $$ it has new covid restrictions. Ige spins it, and that is what the islands will be doing this week. The family and I, plus other family friends are still planning to visit Maui Thanksgiving week. It’s kinda funny, the NFL, collage football stadiums are at full capacity as well as concerts for the last three plus weeks. Outside don’t need masks, inside were your mask. Alllegiant stadium in Vegas requiring to show your CDC vaccine card to get in.

    Thank you and see you on November. Hopefully!!!!

  3. Don’t think Japanese tourists are heading to Hawaii until they can easily return home without a 10 day quarantine requirement. My wife has not been able to see her 90 year old mother in almost two years, and we’re both fully vaccinated.
    For us, great Waikiki trip earlier this month. Looking forward to Waikoloa later this year.

  4. Not all of us are trying to just go on vacation. I’ve been trying to get to Honolulu again to see my brother, niece, and great nephews since July of 2020. Thousands ties up in airfare and my favorite hotel, a wonderful old set of beach cottages that really apartments, just waiting to come back. Booked for Christmas week, I still have no confidence it will be a go and if I must cancel it will be my third time doing so.

    I agree it is almost offensive to talk about international travelers now. They typically don’t have family in Hawaii. I’ve spent plenty there over the years, and look forward to doing so again. If a fall surge however leads to a re-up of Requirements however, that won’t happen as I cannot get stuck in Hawaii for weeks in a quarantine, etc.

    Thank you for the word on lowering case loads, that is good news.

  5. “nearly 5% of the state’s population is believed to have had Covid” according to the Lt. Gov. physician

    5%? try 25-50% same as every other state

  6. Thanks for your daily updates! As much as I’d like to visit Hawaii again……I’ll pass! What with the nutcase crazy running Hawaii…. changing their minds about the “requirements” almost daily……well, too many hoops to go through. Sad.

    1. Sadly agree, I will return because family but I’m being very patient. I cannot afford to get stuck there for weeks in quarantine.

  7. SO, all of a sudden Ige gets excited over the prospect of international travel from especially Japan while Americans still have to jump thru hoops to visit Hawaii!? Yep, that sounds about right even if they also have to use the same apps to get in to Hawaii!

  8. Between honoring the Governor’s announcement of “he anticipates encouraging tourism this year after asking visitors to stay away through October just a month ago” and staying here working with my bird dog Blue, I suppose I’m going to steady up with Blue for a while. He is happy to see me, work with me, and he doesn’t mess up the hunt with barking, false starts, and coming back in without that he is supposed to get.


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