78 thoughts on “Updated: Hawaii Poised To Scrap All Travel Rules & Mask Mandate”

  1. It should be noted that the abolition of the be Safe Travels program mentioned in this article only applies to domestic visitors. International travelers, such as myself, will have to wait longer before we are allowed back into Hawaii restriction free.

  2. Is it still being reported that Safe Travels will end by March 17th? Everything I see says March 25th.

  3. sorry, nobody has died of covid because a.) that deceased person failed to wear a mask nor b.) that deceased person was around who did not wear one. The size of a coronavirus makes it easy to slip thru the fibers of a mask. The KN-95 has the best chance at only slowing them, however their sole purpose is to protect the wearer.

  4. The im wearing a useless mask for you because i care about you is the stupidest thing i have ever heard!! This whole trannical behavior and lies about it all is just plain evil.

  5. Natural immunity is better than a man-made injection that doesn’t protect. Show me the peer reviewed studies! The virus was never able to be duplicated as this was done by computer model only. Since when has the government done anything good for the people? Time to do your research and quit believing everything you’re told from the corporate media.


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