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Just Updated: Hawaii’s Plan To End Safe Travels + Scrap Boosters

Today Lt. Gov. Josh Green addressed the upcoming changes that were announced yesterday, saying “we’ve come through the worst of it.” He said about Safe travels “the program eventually goes away.” As to exactly when travelers can expect Safe Travels to be eliminated entirely, he said he expects that to occur “sometime between the end of March and early April. ”

Boosters will not be required.

After confirming many times recently that boosters would be required for Hawaii travel, which mandate was to have taken effect on February 18, the governor performed a 180 yesterday. As a result, Covid boosters will in fact not be required in order to be considered fully vaccinated and thus exempt from quarantine when visiting Hawaii.

Going even further, Ige said that the criteria and conditions for ending the state’s Safe Travels program are now being developed by the Hawaii Department of Health. Lt. Gov. Green has been intimating for the past few weeks that Safe Travels could end soon.

This comes as Hawaii reported just over 500 new Covid cases again today, about the same as yesterday. That’s down by more than 90% from just a few weeks ago during the Omicron surge.

Governor Ige’s announcement.

“There has been much speculation about booster requirements for travelers arriving in Hawaii. I want to emphasize that the program remains unchanged at this time and boosters will not be required for up-to-date status.

All four county mayors, the DOH (Department of Health), and visitor industry leaders have coordinated closely in making this decision, which took into account declining Covid 19 case counts and hospitalizations, as well as Hawaii’s robust vaccination rate.

While it is not required – I do encourage you to get boosted or vaccinated. It’s one of the best defenses we have against COVID-19.
The DOH is currently working on criteria and conditions that would allow the state to safely end the Safe Travels program. If conditions require the continuation of Safe Travels, federal funding will continue to support the program.”

In his news conference, Ige continued: “Hospitalizations have also dropped… We will also maintain the indoor mask mandate and other rules that have helped us manage this pandemic while reopening the economy.”

His announcement followed on the heels of Maui’s announcement that it will also drop the booster requirements as relates to entering into businesses including restaurants.

Hawaii Safe Travels remains in place, at least for now.

There were no further changes announced yesterday. For now, there remain three possible exemptions from quarantine on arrival in Hawaii. Those are 1) primary vaccination, 2) approved testing within 72 hours of travels to Hawaii, or 3) having been recovered from Covid within the past 90 days.

Will other Hawaii Covid restrictions end?

We are left wondering about whether there is any plan to end indoor mask mandates as well as the Honolulu and Maui proof of vaccination programs for restaurants, bars, and gyms. There are no to these questions thus far.

What’s your take on Hawaii’s new direction for Covid travel?

Updated 2/9/22 12 noon.

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  1. Update: Kara’s surgery is postponed until Monday…..Valentine’s Day. Thank you for πŸ™!!! Read John 3:16 & Psalms 91:11πŸ˜‡

    1. The true hero’s of this Pandemic where the front line medical workers who put themselves at risk, physically and emotionally to save lives, yet got attacked for simply telling the truth about what was going on. All in the name of politics

  2. Dear BOH Bros & everyone who reads this, could you keep my friend named Kara in your prayers?! She lives in Georgia. She has cancer & is having her surgery this Friday, the 11th. It has also spread into her lymph nodesπŸ˜₯πŸ’” Thank you very much!!! God bless you….psalms 91:11 πŸ˜‡πŸŒΊπŸŒˆπŸπŸ₯₯πŸŒβœˆπŸ–β€πŸ’•

  3. I wish they would end with all of it… the masks, the vaccinations, and everything. Open everything back up and live Aloha again.
    I, personally, don’t think it makes much sense to make it mandatory for people to be vaccinated when the vaccinated can spread the covid and get it just like anyone else.
    My parents are buried on Oahu, but won’t be going back there until it’s back to normal and everything is opened. I’m not sure if I’ll go then because it’s catered to the rich now. Miss the old Oah

  4. Finally! Welcome to the House of Cards as it Crumbles…Florida vs. California ? Florida, no lockdowns, no mandates and a Huge Elder Population did Better than California in all areas ! A “Virus is gonna Virus”…

  5. If only the masks were gone I’m arriving in Honolulu on Monday for a month. These are steps in the right direction however. I wish they would cancel having babies be vaccinated I’m really worried about that.

    1. Agreed! Yes, you should be worried..I personally know of over 10 young women who miscarried Dead babies within hours of vaccine; from 4-months old to 8-months old…0% risk, 0% benefit but once EUA expires and If it is put on the Childhood Vaccine Schedule All Big Pharma will automatically be given 100% liability to Everyone including All Adults once Fully Authorized (that is current law)- that is why they are desperate to come after the Kids so they will have Complete Immunity Legally

      1. If you choose not to be vaccinated or choose not to vaccinate your children that is OK. But please do not spread misinformation about vaccine side effects.

        Moderator should remove this comment or ask original poster to edit.
        Thank you

        1. Agreed Charlet ….when the vaccines first came out I recall an earlier post , saying β€œI personally know 10 people in nursing homes that died from the shot”… personal choice is one thing, but why do these people need to spread misinformation when not getting vaccinated has killed thousands?

        2. Re: Nita C I find your post to be a bit dramatic. Really 10 women all pregnant and miscarrying because of the vaccine shot. What kind of work do you do? Hospital, caregiver, pediatrician? What time frame did this happen? I don’t think you should post this kind of message. It’s not considerate. Hi Rob and Jeff. 2 wks till paradise for me. Xoxo


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