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Tour Hawaii Through PBS | Family Ingredients

While you are waiting for Hawaii to reopen without a 14-day quarantine, we suggest you stream Family Ingredients. This series will have you dreaming of the islands. It is hosted by Oahu chef and native Ed Kenney, owner of Town, Mud Hen Water, Kaimuki Superette, and Mahina & Sun’s. Except for the last one, all are located in Honolulu’s Kaimuki neighborhood. This area of homegrown businesses should be on your list of things to do in Honolulu.

Described as part foodie, part travelogue, and part genealogy, this twelve-part series covers everything from Hawaii poi to the origins of miso soup. Viewers can follow Kenney as he explores how the cuisine of the islands unites cultures from Hawaii to Tahiti to Puerto Rico. There are two seasons to watch including the last episode filmed previously on Lanai. It also includes a stop at the Merrie Monarch Festival.

Episode 1: Hawaiian Poi
Learn why the most famous of all Hawaiian food is the most misunderstood.

Episode 2: Okinawa – Soki Soba
Not to be confused with Japanese soba, this Okinawan blend has a complex history.

Episode 3: Tahiti – Poisson Cru
Meet a crew member on the Hōkūle returning home.

Episode 4: California/Hawaii – Pipa Kaula
Trace the Hawaiian cowboy lifestyle from Hawaii to California with music and food. Features musician Kuana Torres Kahele.

Episode 5: Japan – Miso Soup
Dive into its origins and search for the finest ingredients with Chef Alan Wong.

Episode 6: Puerto Rico – Arroz con Gandules
Local entertainer Tiara Hernandez learns more about her heritage on a culinary path to this island.

Episode 7: Smoked Fish – California

Episode 8: Adobo – Philippines

Episode 9: Fiddlehead Fern – Wisconsin

Episode 10: Ho Chi Minh City Pho – Vietnam

Episode 11: Hanoi Pho – Vietnam

Episode 12: Venison – Lanai

Family Ingredients is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. What a great suggestion! I look forward to checking this out. Perfect for binge watching if possible 🙂

    1. Hi Chris.

      Follow the link in the post. This is not broadcast content, it is streamed. You can watch it when you’d like.


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