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Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Strike Update

Latest news today February 9, 2017 on Hawaiian Airlines and whether or not the company’s pilots are heading towards a work stoppage.

Today’s News from Hawaiian Airlines

A strike has almost definitely been averted and a deal should soon be consummated. The parties are finalizing terms of the proposal and then a vote will happen. Pilot’s are set to receive up to 40% more – depending on aircraft and seniority. That means that their most seasoned A330 captains’ pay will rise from about $223K to $313K. It will be retroactive to 2015, resulting in an additional cost to Hawaiian of about $40M.

“It definitely will be a significant gain year over year for the pilots.” — Hoon Lee, ALPA.  Interestingly, union leaders voted 3 to 1 to accept the deal, with Lee voting against it because he didn’t feel it represented adequate value.

Beat of Hawaii indicated in January the a deal was likely at hand.

News at that time from executives at Hawaiian Airlines revealed a lot about what to expect in the pilots’ union negotiations:

Hawaiian Airlines booked a $20 million expense in the last quarter specifically related to the ongoing pilot labor contract negotiations. While the company did not portray that charge as an indication that a settlement is near, it is our sense that in fact that is the most clear indication to date that a settlement is approaching. Obviously the company and the union would not comment further so as not to prejudice the negotiations. 

Is a strike imminent? Definitely not. We are continuing to apprise you of this latest development. At Beat of Hawaii are more convinced than ever there will ultimately be no strike. We are continuing to make reservations and fly on Hawaiian Airlines ourselves.

Should you purchase travel insurance? While not needed anymore to cover a strike, you can and should at least consider buying travel insurance to cover all of your non-refundable travel expenses.

Whether to buy trip insurance is a completely personal decision. We’re choosing to do so more frequently now than in the past for multiple reasons. Recently for example, we risked missing a flight and a cruise when the possibility of a hurricane threatened service interruptions. Trip insurance would have added peace of mind and in the end cost less than the airline change fees and other expenses we subsequently incurred.

Note: Beat of Hawaii will continue to update this page as changes warrant.

110 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Strike Update”

  1. Scheduled to fly Hawaiian from Honolulu to Sydney business class next month. How comfortable are the seats? Do the seats make into beds?
    Many thanks in advance for any information

    1. Hi Al.

      As far as we know yes you should have lie flat seating. If you search online for Hawaiian Airlines lie flat reviews, you should find a number of different comments on them.


  2. Mahalo, for being the only outlet that has kept us posted regarding the pilot strike. This takes a lot of stress off of my trip next month, to visit my parent’s grave. I did not need any more stress regarding this upcoming trip. You guys are the best, and I will continue to recommend your website and information for any of my friends going to Hawaii in the future.

  3. Travelling from Oklahoma to Maui, however will be leaving from LAX to Maui June 9-20th on Hawaiian Airlines already booked. Can someone please tell me how and what type of travel insurance I should be looking at that would cover the loss of flight cost ($1800 for two people combined) and the condo cost which is $3000 or so. I have no idea what is covered and what isn’t, and I have an insurance license. I did click on the link in the article for coverage but the devil is in the details with this stuff. Any help is appreciated. I’d be glad to give you my email if easier. Thank you.

    1. Hi Monty.

      Concur about the devil being in the details as is the case with all insurance, trip coverage being no different.

      You’ll need to research policies. You can call Insure My Trip or any other company – we find IMT to be extremely helpful on the phone and have used them for years. Also trip insurance policies generally offer a review period where you can cancel and incur no cost. But, having said that, in the end it is the details of each policy that govern.


  4. We are going to be on the island January and February 2017 and I am concerned about interisland flights at that time What is the possibility of a strike during this time?

    1. The Pilots Need their raise now you are just being cheap. They have not gotten a raise in 30 years. The following are just few reasons why Alaska Airlines is number 1. You treat your customers like cattle. There is no leg room in your interisland flights. The flight attendants are rude and untrained in Civil Rights. You folks need to comply with FAA rules and also the Department of Transportation, DC. It is obvious you are not as I see it often you treat your handicap people like cattle! You have employees that steal from baggage, you constantly violate Aviation Access Act rules. Your management is unprincipled and does not follow the rules so how do you expect your employees to follow the rules? SHAME ON YOU!

      1. Wow. Yesterday just flew home on Hawaiian Air direct from Honolulu to Portland. Tried for a seat upgrade as my daughter had booked us in coach but was a full flight! Was very pleasantly surprised to see how organized boarding was, how much space there was for our carry on bags–we never check bags, and how absolutely delightful and attentive all the flight attendants were. We were even given dinner. That never happens anymore. I was looking at your site to get more info on future Hawaiian Airline trips. Yep my glass is half full!

        I’m happy the labor dispute was resolved satisfactorily. Great pilot. Probably the smoothest landing ever!

        1. Hi Nick.

          It’s a fine line on what to allow, but at the same time we can’t disagree with you about about their point of view. Appreciate your comment.


  5. Thanks for continuing to update us on this issue. Am flying into HNL in March for a wedding and so appreciate the info. Keep up the good work! Mahalo

    1. Hi Eva,

      It will likely be months to years, but again, that will almost certainly not happen. No one knows a specific date.


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