Hawaiian Airlines’ Philippine Maintenance Facility Raises Concern

An FAA audit just released raises concerns about Hawaiian Airlines‘ aircraft maintenance. At question is a report that their Philippine based repair center failed to meet U.S. regulations.

Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) performs line maintenance work according to a follow-up press release from Hawaiian. Other sources including Associated press had indicated that the facility was performing major maintenance.

“We are very comfortable with the quality of service provided by Lufthansa Technik Philippines.” –Hawaiian Airlines

U.S. inspection records at the Philippines facility indicates a pattern of problems that speak to industry-wide concerns about the outsourcing of maintenance to less expensive facilities in developing countries. The FAA records of LTP showed repeated difficulties following U.S. regulations from record-keeping to repair tool calibration. The FAA also noted other problems including training workers to U.S. standards and a lack of familiarity among in-house inspectors with U.S. regulations. The facility is said to provide service for 50 airlines including Hawaiian.

In December, the U.S. DOT announced it was launching an investigation of the FAA’s oversight of maintenance of U.S. passenger airlines by outside contractors, which includes those in other countries.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines’ Philippine Maintenance Facility Raises Concern”

  1. I would love to know all the names of all airlines involved,,shame on them for cheaping out our lives,,, Never,ever will I fly Hawaiian,Airlines nor any of the others using unsatisfactory repair and maintenance facilities,,,, K.& J. Whitley

  2. Once again, the almighty dollar takes labor outside of the USA. The airlines stand to loose expensive airlcraft and we loose human life. It will take that level of distruction before the attention to this problem will be made public..

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