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44 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines’ Routes On Chopping Block: One Canceled. Others Coming?”

  1. Hi BOH,

    As we approach the spring and summer season, I reflected back on this post that posed the question about the AUS-HNL route and potential uncertainty that it may continue given the termination of the MCO-HNL route. From a quick search, it appears that Hawaiian is going to bump the AUS-HNL route from 3x weekly to 4x weekly starting the week of May 21, 2023.

    Another interesting note is that the HNL-AUS route will be switching over to a red-eye flight starting May 26, 2023. When we’ve flown this route previously, one of the main complaints from the flight attendants is that they never got to “see” Austin as they would fly in just before 10:00 p.m. and then flight out before 10:00 a.m. the next day.


  2. Worst service ever! Thanks a lot Hawaiian Airlines … terrible customer service after cancelling a flight that people booked seven months ago. Absolutely No help to book other tickets, and now how long will they wait for their refund??? It better come quickly or there will likely be a lawsuit brewing.

  3. As a Florida resident, I am very disappointed that they cut their route from Orlando (MCO) to Honolulu (HNL). It makes it so much more difficult for those of us that live in the southeast to travel to Hawaii. I hope they reinstate this route sometime in the future. We have no non-stop options or options that don’t involve double connections and often an overnight stay in CA.

  4. BOS-HNL is over 5000 mi, not 4095 mi.

    I was so excited to have a direct flight, my family and I use it frequently. I’d be devastated if they canned it. Hopefully they don’t do Atlanta, Chicago, or DC because they are hubs and stay in Boston.

      1. Hi Rich.

        Yes, it was a typo which we corrected. Technology still doesn’t find those kinds of errors. Lol.


  5. When is the Austin flights going to stop? I booked a flight from Oct 27 to the 31st.Hope I can make this. Thank You.

  6. Hawaiian will use an Airbus 332 on a new route from KOA to HND effective September 7. HA 851 departing KOA at 625pm arriving HND +1 at 1000pm

  7. Well, I knew before your article because we were notified, “Sorry Charlie! You can’t get there from here!” We were planning to go via Boston (January timeframe), but now who the heck knows!


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