United Airlines Prunes Hawaii Flights

In a surprising move this week, Hawaii-centric United Airlines has decided that a route once important enough to demand daily operation, then five times weekly, will now be relegated to just once each week.

United Airlines has now reduced flights from Washington, DC, to Honolulu. It will become their Hawaii route with the least frequency and operate weekly on Saturdays only, using Boeing 767 aircraft. Get ready for the price tag; economy starts at $1,142 round trip.

The route is among the longest ones domestically, sitting in a group of flights that operate between the eastern seaboard and Hawaii and has a flight duration of about 10 hours.

United will route you through its other mainland hubs if you can’t travel on Saturdays. UAL has many Hawaii routes and is among the most important carriers to and from Hawaii.

One thing for certain is that United is not withdrawing from Hawaii at all. In fact, during the upcoming months, it was reported by Simpleflying that the airline will operate 20 flights a day to Hawaii from Los Angeles and San Francisco airports alone. That is huge! Many of those flights are widebody.

United has big plans for Hawaii.

You’ll recall that UAL hopes to fly supersonic flights to Hawaii using their upcoming Boom Overture aircraft. Those are planned to take to the skies by the end of this decade and bring with them flights in just over two hours between the west coast and Hawaii.

Fly United Airlines Hawaii widebody flights.

UAL widebody flights are available on its large and diverse fleet from many cities. As we reported previously, those include the following:

Chicago to Kona on Boeing 787, Chicago to Honolulu on Boeing 787, Los Angeles to Honolulu on Boeing 777, Newark to Honolulu on Boeing 767, Newark to Maui on Boeing 767, San Francisco to Maui on Boeing 777, and, of course, Washington, DC, to Honolulu on Boeing 767.”

See every airline’s widebody flights to Hawaii here

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15 thoughts on “United Airlines Prunes Hawaii Flights”

  1. Airlines are about money not customer service. If you willing to pay high price for 1st class. Most families can not afford 1st class. I have flown coach and 1st class. The price in 2023, 1st class isn’t worth it. I will fly coach plus the seats and legroom are a little better than coach. Airplanes are a nightmare for disabled in coach. The rest rooms on United & Delta barely accommodate a small person.

    1. Hi Racnel.

      If you are flying on Saturdays, no problem. Otherwise, you’ll be changing planes en route. So you should contact UAL.


  2. I don’t see the pruning of the Dulles to HNL direct flight to weekly on Saturdays as a big change. As I remember it, United offered that flight daily only in the summer and maybe during the end of year holiday period, and otherwise flew it only on Saturday.

    1. United had me as a loyal customer on my yearly Den-Bkk run till they raised the BC ticket to $14k…they lost a good customer!!😭😭😭😭

  3. LAX to HNL is on the 777-200 series. This in an inferior aircraft for premium fliers. 2,4,2 across versus HAL 2,2,2 versus United last year in the 777-300 series “Polaris” version which was 1,2,1

  4. United cancelled All Service to & between Hilo & LAX this year. This is a massive inconvenience to those living on the east side of Hawaii Island. Apparently, United has zero understanding of local demographics: the “Big Island” is actually big … on no other Hawaiian Island does it take 2+ (two+) hours to get from the east or west side of the island to the other. So we are now forced to make previously-unnecessary connections in Honolulu, Maui, or Kona. We would have been “OK” with a cut-back from daily flights to semi-weekly. Anything. But no: it’s now Zero flights directly connecting Hilo to the mainland. BeatofHawaii, Please inform us if/when any airline will again offer nonstop Hilo-Mainland-Hilo flights. Thanks !!

    1. Hi John.

      We hear the frustration and yours is not among the first comments about this. We have not heard a word about any airline interested in a Hilo to mainland flight.


    2. I feel the same frustration. But it was not a good fit for United to have so few flights into Hilo while maintaining counter service personnel and managing flight crews. It was a sound business decision, but not very customer-friendly. Though a status-level United flyer, I have been experimenting with other airlines to avoid the long trip through SFO-HNL-ITO (on HA or SW) from my other home city. I hope someday (next decade?) United may see fit to resume service to Hilo.

  5. If only there still were direct flights from Chicago to Kona. Currently, we must fly to Maui, then take Hawaiian Airlines to the Big Island. Fingers crossed the route will change back to a direct flight in the future.

  6. Not impressed with United from LAX to Maui. No wide body. Even in first class it’s just basic no grills. You would not even know you were going to Hawaii. Doesn’t the west coast rate a wide body? Guess not.

  7. Why was there 2 Boeing 777 airplanes at the Kona airport doing touch and go’s? They appeared to be Boeing company planes

    1. Boeing is in KOA doing flight certification test on its new 777-900 .This new aircraft is a replacement for the discontinued 747 ..

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