Hawaiian Airlines Sale To Cook Islands.

Hawaiian Airlines Sale | Cook Islands Now Just $348

If you’ve thought of heading to Rarotonga and the Cook Islands you aren’t alone. We have too. The problem has been that it’s been too expensive. Until now.

Hawaiian Airlines’ announcement last November brought exciting news for South Pacific enthusiasts. Starting in May they began once-weekly flight service to the enchanting Cook Islands, creating a unique and convenient link between Honolulu (HNL) and Rarotonga (RAR). The best part? As both destinations share the same time zone, you won’t have to worry at all about jet lag!

This lower price development offers a fantastic opportunity for visitors from Hawaii and the 15 mainland gateway cities served by Hawaiian Airlines to explore the captivating Cook Islands. Some may remember that this route was previously served by Aloha Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines from 1987 to 1993.

When the new route was announced, Hawaiian Airlines’ CEO Peter Ingram said, “We are delighted to expand our South Pacific network and provide our guests access to the Cook Islands, an archipelago that shares Hawai’i’s Polynesian heritage and natural beauty.”

Mark Brown, the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, remarked, “We aim to rejuvenate our tourism industry and improve accessibility to our markets in the northern hemisphere.”

Hawaiian Airlines sale prices to Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

To get the best price, which is $696 RT, which comes to just $348 each way, you have many flight options. Fly from October 2023 through early March 2024 (almost all flight dates). Also from April through June 2024.

October, April and May are considered to be some of the best months for visiting the Cook Islands in terms of finding superb weather.

Flying to Cook Islands nonstop from Honolulu.

HA 495, departing from HNL at 4 PM on Saturdays and arriving in RAR at 10:25 PM on the same day. The return journey, HA 496, is scheduled to depart 24 hours later, at 11:35 PM on Sundays, with an arrival in Honolulu at 5:50 AM on Mondays.

The flights are being operated on Hawaiian’s narrow-body A321neo aircraft. While it doesn’t feature lie-flat seating in business class, it offers 16 standard business recliners, 45 extra legroom seats, and 128 regular economy seats. Entertainment is available through wireless streaming to passengers’ devices, and the seats are equipped with USB outlets. There is no WiFi available yet, although Hawaiian told us it will be operative starting early in 2024.

Comments from you about Cook Islands travel.

Two very regular Beat of Hawaii readers and commenters coincidentally just shared their thoughts about the Cook Islands.

Justin said, “If you like French Polynesia, you should check out the Cook Islands. Think FP, but English speaking, cheaper, and way less tourism….but with all the same beautiful nature of FP. Same time zone of Hawai’i, about a six hour flight and the people are very warm & welcoming. Reminds me what I thought Hawai’i would have been like before tourism.”

Ed C. added, “We made it here 3 days ago on a A321NEO. Please don’t take it personally, but the Cook Islands are now our favorite place in the world! The founder of Lonely Planet travel called Aitutaki the most beautiful island in the world, and it is!”

We’re planning to embark on this exciting journey and share our experiences. How about you? Are you eager to explore the captivating beauty of the Cook Islands?

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9 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Sale | Cook Islands Now Just $348”

  1. I wish these prices had held up. Cook Islands has 2-page ads in the HA and Air Calin magazines in October/November. May prices now around $800RT and October 2024 around $1K.

  2. Was looking at Bora bora for our 20th anniversary but the price was so steep. Glad I found this about Cook Islands. Back to the drawing board we go.

  3. We went to Cook Islands last month. This was our second trip to Cook Islands. We went 8 years ago when Air New Zealand had a flight once a week from LAX. Also we have been to Tahiti numerous times.
    Our experience was challenging at Honolulu on the way home.
    We had 2 hours for our connection to LAX but arrived 30 minutes late from RAR so had to hustle. Customes and Agr inspection was fine but
    no quick drop off for luggage after Agr inspection. Had to walk across the parking lot to check luggage, and go through TSA again. Should have been luggage drop off in lobby by Agr inspection. Made our connection barely. Should have been much easier, but luggage drop off was not manned in inspection lobby.

  4. La Orana,
    Yes, we will be visiting Rarotonga and Aitutaki via the Paul Gauguin in three weeks. We are excited as this will be our first visit. While we visit FP frequently the Cook Islands have been an expensive travel option both cost and time-wise. Hawaiian’s direct flight changes that. We will checkout some of the hotels on Raro for a trip we have already booked for next April on Hawaiian Air.

  5. Hey, you guys used my quote! We are headed back down in November and highly recommend it! I would suggest not only Rarotonga but also Aitutaki. Beautiful nature, warm & welcoming people and the prices are surprisingly quite reasonable. Our rental car is $39/day and rented a house on the beach about 150m from the terminal for $115/night. Their are pre-packaged day trips to Aitutaki via Air Rarotonga, but you can also build your own trips. They will cost a little more, but they are more flexible.

    And anyone who reads this wants to go to French Polynesia, I highly suggest looking into the Cook Islands. It is this little, hidden secret that mainly has Kiwi tourists. Our total, with day trip to Aitutaki was just short of $5k for 8 days.

    1. Hi Justin.

      Thanks. We also see that you can fly between Cook Islands and Tahiti for under $300 each way. That’s a very interesting idea as well.


  6. Please notify me when there is sales to fly from Newark Airport, NJ to Lihue or Oahu Airport due to am originally from Beautiful Kauai, Hawaii & would love to see My Family back home. I would really appreciate it. Mahalo (Thank you) & have a beautiful day 🌺.

  7. Just a couple of thoughts on Cook Islands. They use the New Zealand dollar, so it’s an incredible value for Americans. The Cook Islands people are so friendly and welcoming. We stayed 1 night on Rarotonga (due to the timing of the flights) and 6 nights on Aitutaki and can’t wait to go back. It was so peaceful and clean! No trash or graffiti anywhere. The population of Aitutaki is around 1,200 and according to our hosts at the Pacific Resort Aitutaki, there are no more than 300 tourists on the island at any one time. We could look a half mile in any direction on the beach and not see anyone! It was truly paradise!

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