Holiday Slump: Hawaii Struggles Unsuccessfully To Revive Tourism

Holiday Slump: Hawaii Struggles Unsuccessfully To Revive Tourism

“Stop giving tourists more reasons to stay away” Scrooge-like environment causes a downturn for Hawaii. Will the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come bring better news?

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142 thoughts on “Holiday Slump: Hawaii Struggles Unsuccessfully To Revive Tourism”

  1. Hawaiians voted, they received those who are now wielding the power of control. That control has cost every country untold monies, jobs that support families and cause the ripping apart of same. Where the fire damaged a portion of one island, the Elected officials, and the HTA, have caused losses Statewide. Is this what the Voter’s want?

    1. And yet … “they” (the voters) will Still vote for and allow to have complete control of Hawaii.

      Remember the definition of insanity?

      It’s either that, or something much worse.

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