How Gale Force Storm Caused Hawaiian Airlines' 36 Injuries

How Freak Gale Force Storm Caused Hawaiian Airlines’ 36 Injuries

Just what caused so many passengers to be injured in today’s extreme turbulence event on Hawaiian Airlines’ approach to Honolulu?

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21 thoughts on “How Freak Gale Force Storm Caused Hawaiian Airlines’ 36 Injuries”

  1. Why did the pilots not go around the storm being with all the Radar Systems on board? They should of saw that storm coming at them. Then also why did they not fly around it then land on another island temporarily then transfer people to other flights I stated if going through that storm? I feel sorry for all those on board and pray for the injured. The pilots still did a great job in landing the plane safely. We fly fly Hawaiian Airlines couple times a year to fly home from Seattle where I live now. It is still the Best & Safest Airline In The Skies. We would never change.

  2. As Forest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does” It doesn’t take a genius to know you have your seatbelt on when in your seat at all times

  3. People are awfully judgey here. Goodness. Apparently this came up suddenly, who knows if the seatbelt light was even on, have to wait for the report. It’s an over 5 hour flight from Phoenix, at some point a bathroom break is required. Judge that I guess. And I 99% of the time keep my seatbelt fastened when I’m sitting down. Prayers for those injured. I started out a Hawai’i trip going to urgent care a few years ago, not a nice way to kick off a trip to paradise.

  4. We departed Maui during that time to San Jose. The turbulence was bad for the first hour or so. Seat belt sign was on but some people didn’t buckle. When things calmed down manny took off their belts including children.


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