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Still More Visitors Arrested And Deported | Hawaii Travel Rule Violators

Two more Kauai arrests for visitors caught with fake test results just made the news. The two flew to Kauai from Los Angeles on American Airlines. To be exempted from quarantine, the couple had uploaded negative test results to Hawaii Safe Travels.  The problem is that they are alleged to have falsified the results and were unceremoniously escorted to the Kauai jail. They were subsequently released and returned to Los Angeles. If convicted, the two face up to a $5,000 fine and/or one year in jail. Further court proceedings are pending.

Last week, you’ll recall that Kauai began to take a decidedly different approach to enforcement after the controversy and negative feedback about how two violators of Safe Travels were arrested and handled the prior week in Honolulu. In that prior incident, two more visitors from California were arrested. Following a statewide, multi-agency investigation,

In the end, all of last week’s four violators on Kauai only managed to obtain free rides between the airport and the correctional facility.  These contrasted sharply with the prior incident in Honolulu in which the two violators ended up with 10 days of jail accommodations and meals prior to release.

What happened to the Honolulu violators after their 10-day sentences?

And just a week before, we reported on two men arrested at Honolulu Airport. They both served 10-day sentences for Hawaii emergency order violations. Those two, aged 49 and 26, traveled from Louisiana and were taken into custody on arrival in Honolulu. They had no proof of either vaccination or negative COVID test and did not have a location to quarantine.

We never learned what became of the pair after the 10-day, fully state-funded jail quarantine, including accommodations, meals, and medical care, completed last week. They could either have been released to continue their Hawaii vacation or may have been returned to Louisiana.

Your thoughts, please?

Updated 10/4/21.

83 thoughts on “Still More Visitors Arrested And Deported | Hawaii Travel Rule Violators”

  1. I want to commend the Hawaii health department and all agencies involved with apprehending these non conforming inconsiderate individuals that would put others in harm’s way for their own selfish reasons. It is comforting to know that on my next visit, measures have been taken and a system is in place to protect all that come to Hawaii!

  2. Aloha BOH Bro’s

    We’re talking about 6 total morons who got caught out of thousands and thousands who’ve landed on the islands during the past couple of weeks.

    Question: Are there that few trying to circumvent the system or is Hawaii doing a poor job catching cheaters?

  3. Somewhat tangential, but that is so like Hawaii news reporting. There’s never any follow up. If you want more information about what happened after the first article comes out you have to rely on the coconut wireless. What happened with those two guys from Louisiana? Nobody knows and you can’t find out. Any follow up on a missing person? Unless it is Amanda Eller, no, no follow up.


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