Watch Hawaii Airfares Climb As Southwest + Hawaiian Learn Co-Existence

How To Choose | Hawaiian Or Southwest To Hawaii In Economy

From an analysis of costs, seating, legroom, and more, to tips and a checklist to help you decide.

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50 thoughts on “How To Choose | Hawaiian Or Southwest To Hawaii In Economy”

  1. Ive flown both airlines to/from the islands numerous times. Hawaiian is a great airline with a tradition and culture all its own, but you can say the exact same of Southwest. While brand loyalty is great, comparing apples to apples, they both fly you from A to B in about the same amount of time.

    A quick lesson on Southwests boarding process; its faster, more efficient and no more a ‘Cattle call’ than boarding in ‘groups’ with Hawaiian. You do not have to line up at all, your ‘spot’ is saved with your boarding number. You can sit in the lounge area and watch your ‘pillar’. When that group moves, go and insert yourself in. Hawaiians group boarding is much worse as 40people converge on the gate at once when their group is called.

  2. I have a Southwest Airlines companion pass so my wife flies free. Buy your meal before you board and you’re set. We use to fly Hawaiian Airlines but Southwest is unbeatable!

  3. Hawaiian offers more direct flight options from southern Calif. Southwest often routes through northern Calif.

    Southwest exclusively flies during the day. Hawaiian offers a red-eye or an early morning flight that arrives in Hawaii by 10am-12pm.

    Hawaiian offers the option to earn miles and enjoy interisland perks.

    Hawaiian elite status is easier to earn than Southwest. Hawaiian requires 4 roundtrip southern Calif. to Hawaii trips (2,500 miles each way, 5,000 roundtrip) for first level elite status that includes 2 free bags. Hawaiian also offers a credit card for $100/year that gives the cardholder 2 additional free bags.

    Southwest offers customers full credit value. Hawaiian only offers the full value if the new ticket is = or more.

    1. Since the Max has been returned to service, that Boeing aircraft has had the highest reliability record in Boeing’s history. (99.8%) I do know that HAL is the largest employer in Hawaii.

  4. This is a corrected Southwest Hawaii Hiring Event. Recruiters will be giving on-the-spot interviews at Hawaii airports. Oct 25 HNL 9 AM – 4 PM, Oct 26 OGG 11 AM- 4PM, Oct 26 LIH 11 AM – 5PM, Oct 26 KOA 10 AM – 4PM.

  5. Couldn’t help but notice that Southwest has an event for new jobs on the island. Oct 24 -26 in Honolulu. It’s for all islands LIH, OGG, HNL, KOA. I noticed it on FB.

  6. You know wha? I am so exhausted of social media dictating what is what and who is who. These posts are good to share with amateur travelers. However, oh my geeeee. If we could all just go back to using our own minds, and somewhat intelligence to utilize what is best for our ownselves. My goodness, travels would not be biased by the masses, but by ones experiences. I would most defintely ask my neighbor who did what, then social media, did what. I am so sick of it. It has ruined our islands. People dont ask where is the natural place to walk or hike,it is, “where can I get in for dinner, or take my kids to swim with the sharks> it is just disgusting to me. I just can not wait until all over the world, when people just go~

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