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Island Air Expands: Great News for Hawaii Deals

Stand by for more inter-island airfare sales. Signs are that these could be significant and long lasting.

Island Air announced today a massive increase in flights inter-island, which is great news for island hoppers and Hawaii residents. The company is in the process of re-fleeting with all new state-of-the-art 78 passenger Bombardier Q400 planes. They plan to have 7 of the new aircraft on-board this year. As those come on board, the company has plans, big ones. Island Air will grow its number of weekly flights from 266 to 476!

Look for Island Air to increase flights on the following routes:

Honolulu to/from Maui. Now 8. Soon to be 16 weekly flights. Honolulu to/from Kona. Now 6. Soon to be 10. Honolulu to/from Kauai. Now 6. Soon to be 8.

The company’s additional flights will be introduced over the next 120 days and will especially help with peak travel periods, including holidays and weekends.

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3 thoughts on “Island Air Expands: Great News for Hawaii Deals”

  1. WHY don’t any of the other airlines besides Hawaiian; i.e., Mokulele, Isld Air, come to Hilo for inter-isld flights? This is so very frustrating that we have NO choice on the east side but to get ripped off by Hawaiian, or drive all the way to Kona or Waimea. I cannot believe there would not be enough rideship to make it worthwhile.

    Does anyone have an answer?? I have asked Mokulele many, many times and their response– no plans but can’t tell me why.


    1. Hi Susie.

      Mokulele has a limit as being 50 miles from the nearest land which may be an issue with flights. Not sure. That is the reason they don’t fly to Kauai.


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