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Hawaii Deals Coming to Kauai and Big Island

Beat of Hawaii visitor and friend Joan asked this morning why Kauai is continually left out of virtually all mainland to Hawaii deals. It is a question we’re asked quite frequently and that undoubtedly others are wondering about too. So here’s the answer together with some very good news for those of you planning a Hawaii vacation.

Why Maui and Oahu Hawaii Deals Reign Supreme for Now

These two islands are the most popular for Hawaii visitors. In the chart below, it is clear that these are the destinations of choice for the majority of Hawaii visitors. As a result the routes to these two islands are intensely competitive across multiple airlines. The volume of traffic also warrants flights to Hawaii using wide-body aircraft from many locations.

Tip: At this time Maui is even more competitive than Oahu making it the ideal destination for a 2016 value oriented Hawaii vacation.

Traffic by Island 2007-2014

This graphic from the state of Hawaii sums it up:

Hawaii air traffic by island

Big Island and Kauai Hawaii Deals – Very Good News Ahead

Problem: Spectacular Hawaii vacation destinations in their own right, these islands get only a fraction of the state’s visitor traffic. With a few minor exceptions, both islands are served entirely by direct narrow-body flights only from the west coast. Some of these services are not daily but rather operate only several times per week.

Hawaiian Airlines, which is obviously a driving force in Hawaii travel, has very limited direct flights to Kona and Kauai. The ones they have now are limited and seasonal. The issue here is that Hawaiian until now has not had the narrow body fleet required to serve these “thin” routes. But that is all about to change.

Solution: Starting in the 2nd half of 2017, Hawaiian Airlines will take delivery of its fleet of new single-aisle Airbus A321neo planes. These will largely be the workhorse fleet for the entire west coast and will be used for all their future nonstop flights to and from Kona and Kauai.

We expect to see many new routes using these planes including from places including Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, the Bay Area, Sacramento, Southern California and beyond.

The new planes have longer range capability compared with current generation 737-800 planes, such as those that are used by Alaska Airlines. Not to be left out, in 2017 Alaska will also begin delivery of Boeing 737 MAX8 planes, which have extended range capabilities, thus bringing even more routes and greater competition to these markets.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that American will be flying DFW-KOA non-stop on the 763. I believe it will be December 15 – January 8th. I hope it is a route they will decide to commit to. If you hear of any more detail on this, I would love for you to post about it. Thanks,

  2. Managed to snag some August Kauai flights on Hawaiian for $548 RT from LA, which I thought was a good deal for this island. Looking forward to more deals in the future, thanks for all the info!

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