Why Hawaiian, Alaska, and Southwest Are Not Yet Competing

Get Ready for Hawaii Deals LA!

We have good news for our friends in Los Angeles seeking Hawaii deals, who have been struggling for a long time to find reasonably priced flights to Hawaii. The cost has already started to drop and we only see this trend intensifying going forward. There are even some better priced flights for the upcoming holidays, so read on.

Competition coming to LA

We are awaiting the announcement of Los Angeles to Hawaii flights from Virgin America. The reduced pricing already in effect from Los Angeles is a reflection of the industry’s expectation of those flights. This news could happen at any time and sooner is more likely than later. Virgin America started flights from San Francisco to Honolulu earlier this month and is adding Maui in early December. The Virgin America service has brought on and off $398 round trip pricing to the San Francisco market. We anticipate the same impact on Los Angeles flights.

Current LA to Hawaii flights are already getting cheaper

Flights from now through mid-March 2016 have recently dropped from as high as $600 or more to $498 on Hawaiian Airlines and others. Even at the Christmas/New Year’s holidays we see some flights that are priced lower than expected. Flights on Christmas Eve are running $650 round trip for example. And even on the remaining days, $700 is the current price, rather than the $1,000 that the airlines would have preferred.

More competition is coming

Earlier this week we announced the departure of Allegiant Air Hawaii flights. Allegiant never had success in Hawaii for a variety of reasons. They also recognized that our market is heating up which would have further reduced their ability to be competitive. Even as Allegiant departs, however, there’s excitement in the air about other things that are soon to come with more Hawaii deals ahead.

For example, we remain convinced that Southwest Airlines Hawaii flights will also be starting in the not too distant future. When that disruption does occur, all bets are off in terms of how our Hawaii airline market will function. But you can be sure that it will be beneficial to Hawaii visitors.

Hawaiian Airlines is also going to be creating more competition in the market as they begin adding their new narrow body A321 NEO aircraft to the mix. That will allow them to better compete in terms of both new mainland to Hawaii gateways and additional direct flights to the neighbor islands.

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  1. Love Hawaiian airline and Hawaiian Islands. ……getting married and would love to go their for honeymoon! !

  2. maybe you can lobby for hawaiian airlines to fly to KOA and ITO straight from LAX. why do we have to go through HNL???

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