Virgin America Flights to Hawaii

Virgin America Readies More Flights to Hawaii

If you think that Virgin America will stop adding flights to Hawaii, nothing could be further from the truth. The current San Francisco and soon to be added Los Angeles routes to Honolulu and Maui are just the beginning. Here’s what’s up next.

Kauai and Kona are under served.

As is apparent to both visitors and locals, the outer islands do not have enough competitive flights, especially from San Francisco. Only United flies to Lihue and Kona from SFO. Los Angeles is better served in a sense, with competition from Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta plus United. The difference between San Francisco and Los Angeles is that LA has a huge Hawaii-bound population with virtually all services departing from only one airport. Contrast that with San Francisco which also has many flights to Hawaii from neighboring San Jose and Oakland.

As a result of the opportunity for more flights to Hawaii, Virgin has indicated they intend to offer more services. And Kauai and Kona are the obvious destinations from both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Virgin America is pleased with how Hawaii has started, and sees the opportunity to have better profitability on these island routes than they have experienced in other markets like Dallas.

More flights coming to Honolulu and Maui

Virgin America CEO David Cush indicated that additional flights to the most popular Hawaiian Island destinations (Honolulu and Maui) are likely.

Additional flights and new fleet arriving soon.

Virgin America has a fleet of ten Airbus A321neo aircraft on order. They will take delivery of these starting in the first quarter of 2017. These planes are identical to those that Hawaiian Airlines will be adding for much of their West Coast to Hawaii flights starting at about the same time.

Hawaii travel deals on flights to Hawaii coming soon!

A new airline in the mix always means some uncertainty for the legacy carriers. As a result of the competition on their Hawaii routes, we have already seen prices as low as $136 each way recently. We expect to see even more great prices ahead on these routes, so stay tuned for fast acting sales to come.


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  1. I am Looking for 12 Flights to Hawaii from the Grand Rapids or Detroit Area, looking to travel around December 22, 2016

    1. Hi Angela,

      When booking 10 or more travelling together, it is best to check with the group travel desk at each of the possible airlines. While that is a very expensive time to travel, it should help.


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