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Virgin America Hawaii | LAX and Neighbor Islands Next | $199 Fares?

Here’s an update on Virgin America’s Hawaii vacation deals. As you know the carrier introduced San Francisco to Honolulu and Maui earlier this week together with $199 one way inaugural airfares.

What happened to the $199 Hawaii deals?

It didn’t take long for the $199 one way airfares to disappear. First, they were quickly matched on Tuesday by both Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines. Then, within 48 hours of the sale, these prices were gone and fares had risen by over $100 each way. Why?

As we indicated at that time, Virgin America‘s entry created only light first ripples across the competitive market. At least for now. The reasons are:

  • They unveiled just one flight a day service to two islands from one city.
  • Virgin America offered only a modest fare sale.
  • Timing was perfect. The sale was not wide spread but was constrained to low season dates in November and December, plus January and February 2016.

San Francisco to Hawaii vacation deals may return, and in fact we think it likely that they will. Virgin America’s introduction is just the beginning of the industry working with a new airline entrant.

LAX and Neighbor Islands Next

Soon after the announcement of San Francisco to Hawaii flights on Tuesday, Virgin America’s CEO indicated both what their future Hawaii plans are and that they are not far off. Those plans include

  • Beginning Hawaii flights from Los Angeles.
  • Adding service to other island destinations beyond Honolulu and Maui.

We expect to see these announcements later this year, with flights starting in 2016. More updates to follow. This is one of the better things to happen in Hawaii tourism in years.

12 thoughts on “Virgin America Hawaii | LAX and Neighbor Islands Next | $199 Fares?”

  1. I’ve been looking at flights with United for Apr 13-29 for 2 adults 1 kid = $733 from Toronto Canada – do you think I should book now or wait?

  2. I am looking at travel from Denver to KONA for after the holidays (1/6-1/15/2016) any idea if the rates will go down below $780 ? which is what i am seeing for the past few months.

    1. Hi Gretchen,

      Hard to say with certainty, but it is probably not going to go down by much unless a rare fare sale arises. Don’t hold your breath.


  3. Planning a honeymoon next year for around October 29, 2016 we are open to any dates after that. Trying to plan early to know how much to save, look for. We can fly from Lax, san diego or wherever is cheaper. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  4. We are traveling to Waikiki in October. I see $440 and $450 pp RT for the last 3 months. Should I book it or wait? I hate the airfare game! Thanks, Kelley

  5. We are traveling from Sacramento to Kauai November 20th. The rates have been 481 for awhile any possibility of them going down?

    1. Hi Korrie,

      That isn’t a bad price since you are in the vicinity of Thanksgiving. Lower fares that could arise may therefore not impact your dates.


  6. Do you think there will be any $199 rates for June/July from the West Coast one-way? I have been looking for the past several weeks but rates seem to be stuck at $350 each which is lowest I have found

    1. Hi TJ.

      Definitely not. $700 is the expected fare for your dates and demand is quite high. Any price reduction would only come towards the last minute and even that isn’t likely.


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