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89 thoughts on “It’s The Rip-Off Honolulu Hotels That Are Killing Us”

  1. I’ve spent 9 years in Hawaii over the years. I spent 3 years as a kid between 1961 and 1964. Went back when I was in the Army for 3 more years 1971-1974 and finally, the final years were 1982-1985. My wife (who was born in Hawaii) and I usually go back every couple of years, spending 7 days on Oahu and 10 on Maui. Now, I think we’ll skip it because it’s just too expensive (we can afford it but don’t like getting ripped off).

  2. Stayed at the Hilton’s Waikiki Village. Parking at location was $50 a night. No house keeping and the crowded check in and out lobby is repulsive. Wouldn’t recommend it you are trying to enjoy your Hawaii trip.

  3. I’ve been to Honolulu, 3 times, in 85, 89, and 205. I had spectacular views of the ocean, and the city, from the 17th floor @ the Outrigger Reef hotel at Waikiki. Our room was a partial-ocean view. Our first trip was $120, nightly, for 7 days our 2nd was $140 for 15 days and the last one was $165, for 15 days. The hotel is on the beach, the hotel, can’t be beat. The restaurants, the pool, the room and housekeeping was excellent, they have washers in the basement. I can’t afford to go again. The air fare and hotel would be about $5-6 thousands. They can’t possibly fill every room. If they lowered their room price, they would have more guests. A half a loaf, is better than none. You can travel by bus anywhere. Last words, how was Trump, able to build, a 64 floor hotel? It blocks every view. I think I’ll try another island, and the airlines feed you bird food for a 10 1/2 hour flight. Aloha

  4. The Bamboo Waikiki (aka Castle Bamboo) is a great location on Kuhio next to the Pacific Monarch, and a quick walk to Waikiki beach. It is currently run by Castle and also has some AB&B units not in the hotel pool. Each room is different and unique due to the pyramid layout of the building. Some are tiny and less expensive to rent; others have two bedrooms and full kitchens. There’s something for every taste. And the ambience at the pool cannot be beat.

    1. The Bamboo Waikiki sounds good. I stay at the Ilima. They don’t have a hot tub. Does the Bamboo have a sun roof? Does the restaurant serve breakfast? Did you have a patio there? Mahalo and Aloha. 💐 🌹 🌈

      1. Hot tub, yes.
        Sun roof, no.
        Restaurant, no breakfast yet. (It was new in 2020 and so far has survived)
        Most rooms have lanais, but not all.
        It’s a little niche building, close to Waikiki beach and the Duke Statue.
        Do your research as each room is different for different tastes. We stay in Room 1001.
        It’s tiny studio for only two, but has 3 lanais facing the ocean. There are other rooms that are larger and have two bedrooms and full kitchens. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

  5. There’s a small hotel directly across from the Waikiki Hawaiian Hilton, the hotel rooms are clean and very reasonable priced. It is called the Palms of Waikiki. We stayed there often because it is closed to the beach and walking distance to Ala Moana shopping mall.


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