Young Larry Rivera at Coco Palms Resort Kauai

Larry Rivera, Legendary Coco Palms Performer, Has Died

“Uncle Larry” was a bigger-than-life Kauai legend, made famous at the Coco Palms Resort. Aloha Larry Rivera.

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34 thoughts on “Larry Rivera, Legendary Coco Palms Performer, Has Died”

  1. We will miss you Uncle Larry. We always loved you when we saw you on our many trips to Kauai. You always acted like you were seeing old friends. So much love and Aloha.

  2. We will miss you Larry. My wife Gloria an I always made a point of attending your performances whenever we were in Kauai and always requested our favorite Song “Kauai the Last Paradise”. Larry and Gloria II.

  3. I’m thankful I met Larry in 2016 at the Kauai Museum in Lihue when he came with his wife to perform and talk story for a small group. I remember he said he was “rescued in a shoe box as a new born infant from a dumpster.” He also said he met Elvis Presley at the Coco Palms during the filming of Blue Hawaii in 1961. Larry called him his friend who was the nicest man. Larry said he was in the movie as an extra when Elvis performed the Hawaiian Wedding song while floating down the canal. I told him my wife and I had attended several performances of Leilani Rivers’s hula school at the Hyatt Hotel. I asked him if he’s related to her – he said, “She’s my daughter!” God bless Larry and the Rivera clan!

  4. Aloha Uncle Larry. Mahalo Beat of Hawaii for letting us know that an incredible man, husband, father and immensely talented performer has left our world to take his residency in Heaven.
    Uncle will be missed and loved by millions. He was one of the most humble and kind people I’ve ever met.
    Until we meet again.

  5. He Was Kauai. They should make every Jan 31 st Uncle Larry day. I’ll never forget him singing Hawaiian Wedding Song to me on my honeymoon 42 years ago. Thanks Uncle Larry for keeping Hawaiian voices singing on Kauai.

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