Young Larry Rivera at Coco Palms Resort Kauai

Larry Rivera, Legendary Coco Palms Performer, Has Died

“Uncle Larry” was a bigger-than-life Kauai legend, made famous at the Coco Palms Resort. Aloha Larry Rivera.

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34 thoughts on “Larry Rivera, Legendary Coco Palms Performer, Has Died”

  1. What a beautiful soul, you were, Larry! I remember dancing “hooky Lau” and “Pearly shells” with you in Hawaii when I was 16! Thank you for all the love and care that you share to so many. May you rest in peace and do the hula with the Angels.

  2. A True Kauai Legend. His commitment to visitors and locals alike so they had a glimpse of his love for Kauai. Based from his love for Coco Palms and his music that was heard across the world. Standing beside him was the love of his life…Gloria. Inspired the “Kauai Waltz”. No one person drew visitors to Kauai….for those of us that new Larry….seeing him perform was a Life Memory. God bless you Larry. To his family…his love continues.

  3. Heaven gained one amazing God fearing person in Larry. My wife and I met Larry, Gloria, and some of their family many decades ago. Larry would play to the audience, while Charlie would make throw nets. Now they are together again. Mahalo for sharing your aloha with us over the years.

  4. My heart is aching on the passing of a legend. I first met Larry in 1985 while on my honeymoon and staying at the Coco Palms Resort. My wife and I can still recount the torch lighting in the field with Larry’s story of lore being said. It was all so magical. Five years ago our kids set up a tour of the Coco Palms ruins for me and my wife and at the end of the tour there was Larry, ukulele in hand. He sang a little, told stories and was genuinely delighted to know we had been there and met him 33 years earlier. We bought several of his cd’s and he kindly autographed them for us. He was truly filled with all it means when one says, ‘Aloha Spirit.’ Rest in peace! Mahalo for all the happy memories.

  5. Larry Rivera was truly a treasure! Love his music as his lyrics painted beautiful pictures.

    Loved his laughter. He made everyone feel special. Loving husband and father. Gloria was the love of his life.

    Uncle Larry will be sorely missed.

  6. Uncle Larry was true aloha, kindness and humility. We met him on our first trip to Kauai in 1992. Again had a chance encounter with uncle Larry at Hilo Hatties as he shared his aloha and a quick hula lesson. Oh my the vision of us doing the hula is burned in my mind. Them memory of that encounter makes me smile to this day. Saw him the last time in 2019 as he performed at the Kauai
    Museum to a small audience with his dear wife and good friend there as well. He was Kauai… rip uncle Larry will always remember you.

  7. A Kauai Legend that spent his life loving people, singing about an island that he loved second to his precious wife Gloria. His music is so special because he created pictures in listeners minds of what a world could be. When I had lost my health he allowed my wife and I to stay in his home until we could make necessary arrangements. Could be Heavens angel.

  8. A heartfelt farewell to a true legend. Enjoyed many beautiful shows at the Coco Palms with the Tahitian dancers and the coconut shell costumed hula dancers. His love of Kauai was infectious. I feel so blessed to have seen him every time I’ve visited Kauai. My condolences to his family and untold number of friends and fans. 🎶

  9. Heartbroken hear in the mainland. I got to see him after my father Yau Yau George Mique passed away. He surprised us on the Coco Palms Tour. He talked about dad and did a send off for him and I danced the hula for him. Please tell my daddy hello and the rest of the Nalu Alii Surfer Uncles. Thank you for singing Jennifer when I would be around even though the song wasn’t about me. A Hui Hou Uncle Larry.


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