State Shutters Iconic Maui Restaurant

Latest High-Rated Hawaii Restaurant Shuttered Suddenly By State

There’s no doubt about the fact that Hawaii restaurants are struggling in multiple ways. As a result, many have shuttered, primarily due to financial and staffing issues. But this closure came a big surprise, especially given its high rating across review websites, and it was caused by neither of the above.

 Department of Health Closes Cafe Mambo in Paia Maui

The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) issued a red “Closed” placard to Café Mambo to protect public health. — Hawaii DOH.

The DOH said that Cafe Mambo is to remain closed pending all violations being resolved, at which point the DOH will allow the restaurant to reopen. You may recall that last summer, the venerated Lahaina Fish Co. on Maui was also among those shuttered by the state.

The violations occurred during the routine inspection, which occurred on March 14, 2023. The DOH observed both critical and non-critical food safety violations that included:

  • Roaches throughout the facility.
  • The kitchen doorway was noted for flies and other pests.
  • Lack of proper temperature control for cold food storage.

In order to remediate the issues, the DOH said the following actions are required:

  • Professional pest control treatment to eradicate pests.
  • Pest service invoices provided to the district inspector.
  • Deep cleaning to eliminate all potential pest food sources.
  • Screening at the kitchen doorway to reduce pest entry when the door is left open.

A follow-up inspection is scheduled for tomorrow, March 17, 2023.

This is a very serious situation. Others have gone even further in alleging rodents (though not mentioned by DOH), and especially food storage violations. A few years ago BOH editors Jeff and Rob both got food poisoning at a Kauai restaurant that was apparently a result of tartar sauce being re-refrigerated after being left at room temperature. That restaurant, no longer in business, was also cited by the Department of Health.

Excellent customer reviews of Cafe Mambo.

The reviews across multiple websites, including TripAdvisor, OpenTable, and Yelp, were very favorable, with 4-5 stars. The staff was rated as friendly, and people loved their duck fajitas among other things. For the most part, the only negatives noted were noise, slow service, and location. Strangely, one person long ago did comment that there was a worm in their food.

Here’s a sample recent review, which wasn’t unusual in commending the restaurant: “Excellent meal, our party of 6 were seated and served quickly. I had the Crispy Duck fajitas that were outstanding. Others in my party had the shrimp special which they loved. High ranking for the duck burger and onion rings. Come hungry, the servings are generous.”

Another recent comment said interestingly that in spite of the Health Department’s actions, it “still gets my four stars because I personally have never had an issue, and actually always enjoyed the restaurant and it’s menu in years past. Quick, unique, and flavorful. I just hate that they had to violate food safety and have an overall lack of concern and care for their customers safety… So, at the end of the day, good food, horrible management, but the actual restaurant itself deserves four stars.”

Hawaii Restaurants Are Struggling; 4 More Shutter Entirely

Wide-Ranging Problems Rock Iconic Hawaii Restaurants & Visitors.



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21 thoughts on “Latest High-Rated Hawaii Restaurant Shuttered Suddenly By State”

  1. Some Restaurants need to be reminded of the Health Regulations by shutting them down temporarily or permanently. At a time that they are having difficulty operating maybe reminders of what others are experiencing will have a positive effect that’s beneficial for everyone. With less competition, understaffing issues, etc. Complacency shouldn’t be allowed to occur, food borne illnesses due to pathogens negatively cuts away at the bottom line quickly.

  2. Wow, no idea what happened, I left late 2018 before the shutdowns….sooo much seems to have changed since then. But Mambo is right across the street from where I used to work, and, for a time, I also lived in Paia town. Many good memories of Mambo, ..this all confuses me. But so much has changed.

  3. Gone are the days of teens graduating and finding jobs. I always wondered how these people who have left jobs are surviving! Stimulus could only go so far. Living off parents? Doing illegal activities? Working from home. I was surprised that KIUC dosen’t have a walk in bill pay anymore!!!! After Covid, mental health was affected. People didn’t trust others like before. Even the attitudes of teens are so disrespectful. Miss the simple days of humility humbleness and the Spirit of Aloha.

    1. Not sure what this has to do with “food safety”. I used to own a small restaurant in the South of France and anyone owning or working in a restaurant should be obligated to learn about food safety. Some people might not report that they got sick after eating at a particular restaurant, but I wish they would! They should have the same standards that grocery stores. How would you feel if you saw roaches on the aisles when buying food? Having a clean and safe environment is a must for any restaurant! Of course, what is even more dangerous is taking out frozen food, then refreeze it …you can get seriously ill, especially if it’s fish or icecream. Let’s increase food safety and remove the crazy dancing restrictions in Maui!

  4. If a food service establishment can not charge enough to pay food adequate cleanliness they have no business being in business. They are putting people’s health at risk and presenting real danger to an all to trusting public.

  5. Keeping roaches at bay is hard enough on the islands,let alone opening the back door and escorting them in. My guess is that the garbage cans are out the back door as well. Good luck getting rid of every last one of those things. They’ll likely need to tent the place.

  6. Mahalo for calling attention to another example of high ratings don’t appear to be meaningful. With the recent example of high ratings for Maui Sail and my experience with Gemini Sailing Charters the phrase “it still gets my four stars because I personally have never had an issue“ seems ignorant in the extreme. I’ve been known to walk the exterior of restaurants, in which I may dine, to take a look at back door sanitary conditions at least… not just in Hawaii, either. I’d like to eat out while in Hawaii but typically just cook in the condo.

  7. On a recent visit to Kona area (Waikoloa Village), a flying roach landed on my adult daughter’s head at an outdoor seating of upscale restaurant. It was concerning but the food was great.

  8. Mahalo Beat of Hawaii for keeping your readers and families aware of these situations!
    Your the best of the best and reading here is usually the only place I get important heads up.
    I’ve had food poisoning too, from a local restaurant, and it’s not something I’d wish on anyone.
    Stay safe and blessed Rob and Jeff!!
    Love you both so much.
    Aloha and blessings always 🌺🌺

    1. Hi Pam.

      Thank you!! Best to you, too, and always good to hear from you. We’ll all keep our restaurant secrets to ourselves. Our food poisoning source is thankfully out of business.


  9. I feel bad for the owners and workers. They are not getting rich, they are trying the best they can to serve.

    Safety and hygiene is important and 8 am glad the state is looking out.

    But no need bad mouth Mambo they trying.

    1. I am seriously shocked at this comment! Just reading the article made me nauseous.

      Roaches throughout the facility.
      The kitchen doorway was noted for flies and other pests.
      Lack of proper temperature control for cold food storage.

      These issues are serious & kudos to DoH for inspecting & taking action on the restaurant. Flies, roaches and other varmints does not bode well for a restaurant. Even if they do reopen not too sure that they will have and customers.

  10. Kudos to the Hawaii Dept. Of Health for looking out for us. Our tax dollars at work and further evidence that government regulations and oversight are necessary and can be useful to ensure the common good.

  11. An establishment can have stellar reviews across the web. If an owner of a food establishment allows food to be prepared and served for money, and knows of the pest infestation, they deserve to be shuttered. I’ve worked in the food service industry for at least 40 years and this just sounds lazy and/or cheap.

  12. As a UPS driver, I had many deliveries to restaurants that wanted the deliveries in the back door. I saw stuff that kept me from going to some places. Many times it was the high end sea food places

  13. Having worked on Front street for many years the whole place should be condemned. Rats and roaches everywhere. That’s why Cheeseburger in paradise had to be rebuilt. My wife worked there as a hostess and a rat crawled onto her foot while she was at the stand one night and she flung it across the restaurant where it disappeared into the kitchen.

      1. Right like most other building there should be. I worked at the wyland gallery on front street just as bad. The owners of these properties over time became businesses from the mainland. They didn’t listen to what they were told like hey leave the feral cats alone they have a purpose. Well they didn’t listen hence the rat issue. I had a friend who worked under the moose mcguillicuddus on front and he said you could here rats running and fighting in the ceilings. Try selling someone a 30k painting with rats squabbling above you. Imagine what moose’s kitchen was like.

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