Lahaina Fish Company On Maui Shuttered By State

Venerated Lahaina Fish Co. On Maui Shuttered By State

Have you been to the Lahaina Fish Company in West Maui? We have, although it has been a number of years. We were shocked to see that the restaurant was just closed due to a number of unsavory conditions.

Just now, the state Department of Health (DOH) issued a dreaded red placard and immediately shut down the restaurant, located in prime Lahaina, Maui visitor territory at 831 Front St., due to an infestation of cockroaches and other issues.

The restaurant first received the red warning placard on July 26. It must not remain closed until DOH inspects further and ensures all violations have been rectified.

The issue first surfaced a week ago when an inspection revealed roaches in kitchen storage and other areas. The restaurant was cited for various problems, including “pests, food debris, and grease accumulation; improper cold-holding temperatures; and improper protection of food from cross-contamination.”

Initially, it appeared that the state DOH was working with the restaurant to obtain a resolution to the problems. When Lahaina Fish Company seemed to have rectified the issues, they received a yellow “Conditional Pass” placard. They were to complete treatment and clean up the areas identified.

The problem is that at the next inspection, DOH more fully analyzed the cookline “and found significant roach activity and food debris and grease build-up. Due to the amount of roach activity, the establishment was closed to the public, and a red placard was posted. The previous critical violations for cold holding and cross contamination had been corrected.”

The next follow-up inspection is set for Monday. Meanwhile, the restaurant is saying they are working to make things better. When we checked OpenTable for reservations, the first opening we saw was on August 22.

Generally favorable revues of the venerated restaurant.

The restaurant has been in business since 1990. It is a locally owned ocean-view restaurant. that has among the best views on the Front street The restaurant said on Yelp, “We are dedicated to our food, service, staff, and healthy island living.”


4 thoughts on “Venerated Lahaina Fish Co. On Maui Shuttered By State”

  1. Yes I’ve been here twice very good food. The fish and waitresses were amazing. Sitting there looking at the ocean was great. Fantastic location also.everyone should go to maui once in there lives beautiful place nice people.

  2. Lahaina in general seems more run down than it used to be with many shops closed or in disrepair. Not the wonderful seaside area that I remember from years ago.

  3. Oof. This is one of our favorites in Lahaina.

    Well, maybe not anymore. Hope they get it rectified quickly and thoroughly!

    Mahalo, BOH!


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