Waikiki Restaurant In Double Trouble With Health Dept. Closure Following Bankruptcy

Waikiki Restaurant In Double Trouble With Health Dept. Closure Following Bankruptcy

Adding to previous big woes, the Hawaii Department of Health shuttered Red Lobster’s Waikiki location at 1765 Ala Moana Blvd. The long-standing fixture faced an immediate shutdown this week due to a severe health code violation. The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) issued a red placard closure after a routine inspection revealed a sewage backup between the kitchen entrance and dining area.

The health inspector’s discovery led to an immediate cessation of operations, with the restaurant remaining shut until the issue is resolved and a follow-up inspection is conducted. As of today, the restaurant remains shuttered.

DOH press release regarding Red Lobster Waikiki .

“During a June 12 routine inspection at Red Lobster, a DOH inspector observed sewage backup between the kitchen entrance and dining area. The food establishment, operated by Red Lobster Hospitality, LLC, must remain closed until the DOH conducts a follow-up inspection and the violation is resolved. A date for the next inspection has not yet to be determined.”

Hawaii Department of Health

This incident marks yet another significant blow to Red Lobster in Waikiki, and highlights the challenges the chain faces both financially and operationally. The one-two combination of a nationwide bankruptcy and a severe local health violation paints a grim picture for the future of this once-thriving and popular Honolulu seafood venue at the Ala Moana side of busy Waikiki.

Recent reviews speak to other concerning issues at Waikiki location.

Reviews of the Red Lobster Waikiki on Google are mixed but speak to a number of concerns.

One review described a 40-minute wait for a table, employees appearing disorganized and ineffective. Another review noted consistent problems with takeout orders over the past year and a half, with management failing to address complaints. The reviewer also experienced poor service and lukewarm food after a 30-minute wait. Questions about management and service quality remain. Despite previous complaints, it isn’t clear that there has been any improvement in service issues. A reviewer expressed disappointment in that lack of change, indicating that management’s apologies online have not translated into better service.

Meanwhile, mixed food quality was another complaint. While some patrons enjoyed the food, others reported issues with some dishes. One reviewer liked their pasta with seafood but mentioned that other group members found the fried seafood too oily.

The restaurant is active in its social media participation, with management reviewing an providing feedback. Some praise their apologetic responses to negative reviews. However, reviewers said these apologies are saccharine without actual improvements in service. Overall, the reviews contain patterns of management, service and food issues that lead us to be remain concerned about the experience guests can expect at the Red Lobster Waikiki location.

The Future of Red Lobster in Hawaii

For Hawaii residents and visitors, the situation with the once uber-popular Red Lobster is concerning. The Waikiki location had been a staple for seafood lovers, and its closure due to health violations is a reminder of the importance of food safety standards. The Red Lobster’s financial instability that recently closed 87 restaurants in 27 states further complicates the situation, raising questions about the future. The company and this location’s commitment to its employees and guests is currently being put to the test.

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5 thoughts on “Waikiki Restaurant In Double Trouble With Health Dept. Closure Following Bankruptcy”

  1. Years ago, when I was living in MSP, there was an elderly, dated, but well maintained Red Lobster tucked along a highway in the Golden Valley suburb. You’d probably drive by it for a more modern location in a strip mall or such. bad move, it was the training store for the RL chain’s up and coming leadership, store managers, top wait staff, kitchen chefs, they all worked as common employees while attending the RL version of Mc D’s Hamburger U.

    Bottom line. Best service, food, and experience you ask for. Corporate was just down the street and the Top Brass ate there everyday. It was a well guarded local secret as you can imagine. As for the Waiks RL? Never been impressed. I’ll take Chart House any day.

    Best Regards

  2. I remember long ago, even before we moved Hawaii 20 years ago, this location was a branch of a Maui restaurant (can’t remember the name) and it was very good. It did strike me that it was a few steps below sidewalk level – that might make it more susceptible to sewer issues than some.

  3. With all the great fish available in Hawaiian waters it’s amazing that Red Lobster could be a favorite. Even in the middle of the mainland with a thousand miles to an ocean Red Lobster is a mediocre choice for seafood.

  4. I’m across the street right now. The place is not a destination site and it always looks dirty. It does not surprise me.

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