Love Bakery Love

I was very pleased to see recent news that Hawaii’s own Love’s Bakery has returned to Hawaii ownership.

Managers of the 157 year old company are buying the bakery from its Japanese owners, who have owned it since they themselves purchased it from ITT Continental Baking nearly 30 years ago. The new owners plans are to invest in and revitalize the business.

When I don’t have the time to home-bake, I’m shopping for Love’s Hawaii Hearth whole grain bread, or to please Auntie, buying their famous Hawaiian sweet rolls (and bread). They tend to be a little expensive, but you can find often find them on sale or at Costco.

Love’s produces over 200 varieties of bread, 70 varieties of buns and rolls, and 14 varieties of cakes. They weigh in at over two million pounds each month, and all products are baked fresh here in Hawaii. Marketed under the Love’s, Roman Meal and Milton’s brand names, they are distributed throughout the islands via air and ferry.


The bakery has been in business since 1851, when it was started by Robert Love.

A baker from Scotland, he and his family emigrated to Hawaii. Two years later he purchased a site on Nuuanu Street in Honolulu and opened the first Love’s bakery. In its infancy, the bakery specialized in “re-baking” bread from sailing ships, that had become inedible, as well as by selling hard biscuits, called hardtack.

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