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Maui Airport Beach Layover Find

When we find ourselves with time to spare at Kahului (OGG), there’s a gem of a local beach, Kanaha Beach Park. Unfortunately, we were reminded of the beach when it was in the news earlier this month due to a shark attack. A man survived a bite on his leg while kitesurfing nearly 1,000 feet off shore.

Other than this incident, the park is a great find and several years ago underwent much work and renovation. The water is often calm in the morning, and is perfect for kids. Afternoons can be windy, but often still swimmable. It’s the perfect spot for a layover, picnic or swim.

The beach has a lifeguard, so be safe and do check first before venturing into the water.

Getting there on foot from the airport:

It is an easy 10 minute walk from the airport using Google Maps to find Alahao Street. You’ll find an open pathway to the beach near some of the car rental locations.

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  1. Great information about the airport beach. But is there a place to store luggage while going to the beach? Kind of awkward dragging it along.

    1. Hi Michele,

      We don’t recall there being any for a long time. If anyone else knows differently, perhaps they’ll let us know.


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