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New Maui Car Rental Operations | What You Need to Know

The new Maui car rental facility has just opened. A one-third billion dollar solar powered, consolidated facility was dedicated and began operations last week. This project is unique in Hawaii, including the terminal, tram transportation, project scope, and funding.

The new facility consolidates all rental companies in one spot and connects passengers via an innovative electric tram. It was completed over the past three years and did not require any taxpayer money. Governor David Ige said “the best part is this is funded with no taxpayer dollars involved.” It was funded in its entirety by Maui car rental customers, who pay a fee of $4.50 per day in the form of a state customer facility fee. Maui’s airport is the largest in terms of rental car income, while Honolulu International Airport has the greatest air traffic volume in Hawaii.

HNL car rental facility is next. A similar facility, funded in the same manner, is now being built at Honolulu International Airport and is expected to be completed in 2021.

Large facility. In terms of size, the new 4-level Maui car rental facility has space for 1,817 ready to rent and returned vehicles, and room for an additional 1,926 storage spots, plus employee parking. Mechanic, fuel and washing facilities are also included.

Innovative trams. The two new free-to-use electric trains, each accommodate a total of 76 passengers in two cars. Trams operate on a rail and are designed in the plantation style. The trains will eliminate more than two dozen prior shuttle buses. We can’t help but wonder what happened to the jobs of the shuttle bus drivers.

New visitor lobby. The facility includes a $3 million main water feature with pools and waterfall, and a large train clock.

Stops en route. There are two airport stops and one at the Maui car rental facility, which is about 1/2 mile away. The tram takes about six minutes, and will operate from about 6am to 11pm, depending on flight schedules.

Work in process. Beat of Hawaii friend Honey Ward was there on the first day and said: “Just yesterday they opened the car rental nest at Maui airport. Every company is in there and you ride these old fashioned looking trams to the terminal. If you are flying to a neighbor island on a commuter airline, leave your luggage and extra people at commuter terminal before returning car – the new tram doesn’t go there and it’s more of a walk than we would have preferred with our bags. It’s a good innovation, and the kinks will be worked out soon.”

Photo courtesy of Hawaii DOT.

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  1. So disappointed. It’s October so there is now excuse for the zoo this facility has become since opening. If you arrive mid day be prepared for a very long hot multi tram wait to get on the tram.Then a hot steamy short ride with nowhere for luggage but rolling around bumping into people. We had switched to Alamo years ago because they always seemed to have lots of staff and counters open so the typical 2 plus hour wait for a car at most agencies was usually 15 min or less. Not anymore. Long long line with very few counters. Cant add more staff at busy times even if they wanted as there is no counter space. What a great idea. Make your customers pay directly for your store. Cut your staff and fire your shuttle drivers and treat your customers like sheep. What a terrible experience compared to previous dozens of rentals. I hope we can find another way to get a car in Maui.

  2. Is thrifty rental in the new place? My mom guys didn’t know. They usually pick me up at the airport when I come home, but this time I got one car and they don’t know where the new place is at and they neva see ThriftY listed in the phone book.I coming home tomorrow, 23 May. Mahaloz.

  3. Does anyone know if the Hertz still has the Gold Canopy at the new location? Also, has anyone walked from the arrivals terminal to the car rental facility? It seems that the tram could take a long time when the big planes arrive if it only holds 76 people.

  4. Just an FYI…join every frequent renter group you can for a more efficient pick up of your vehicle. There is no charge for membership. Most agencies have a “preferred” line for members. We usually speed thru the rental lines.

  5. New place is nice…….

    But DONT RENT FROM BUDGET…… 2 Hour wait. They dont staff enough to handle the people…

    1. Maybe they can use some of the old bus drivers to help at the counter, it could be a win win.

    1. Hi Sue.

      We do not see them listed in the new facility, so you may want to inquire.


  6. Is there a walking path/sidewalk from the terminal to the car rental facility if you don’t want to take the tram?

  7. The best thing you could have done. We were in Maui about two weeks ago and the car rental facilities were the worst part of our Maui experience, so I am so glad you made this upgrade. Thanks!!!

    1. Didnt make it faster…. 30 minutes to check car in with Budget….they staff the very bare minimum, one check in person..

  8. Question: In the past, my wife has collected the bags while I got the car. I would drive back and retrieve her and the bags. Is this still a good idea? In January on Oahu, we arrived on United and were told to claim our bags and walk across the driveway to the new central car rental. So, what do you recommend?

    And, I noted fees will pay back the costs of the facility. I saw on local columns some residents did not know this. I guess as a tourist I should consider renting from a local, off-campus company.

  9. We got to see the new rental car facility this weekend upon returning our rental. It is very nice and spacious!

    We rented from Budget just a few days before the move and it was so crowded at the old facility, you had to wait outside until you were called because it was so crowded inside. If you ever experienced this, this new facility is huge!

    They had staff assisting as to what to do and where to go since it had just opened and it was so big and unfamiliar. Lots of signage as well in case it’s not staffed all the time.

    My only advice is if you have a lot of luggage to deal with, keep this in mind because the people assisting suggested we walk to the airport terminal in lieu of waiting on the tram….. While it’s not necessarily a long walk, IF you have a lot of luggage (we did), you are sharing the same paths with those that also are coming over to the car rental terminal so on a crowded day like we had (on a Saturday) trying to deal with luggage and crowds of people coming the opposite direction it can be a little challenging I suppose at busy times, especially if you also had small children or someone with you needing assistance to walk on a very warm, sunny day. It wasn’t a big deal for us but I just wanted to share that little bit of advice since it’s so new :).

    As always, love reading your updates!

      1. I agree with Wendy. This is not a good situation for many bags, which a lot of people bring on trips to Maui . We were met with a VERY frustrated trolley driver .. CERTAINLY not a good Aloha experience when arriving. We were ushered onto the trolley and after about an 8 minute delay the entire bus was told to walk to the rental facility. There were many elderly people that needed. To stop to catch there breath on this decently long walk that was also poorly marked. The new rental facility needs to get this all taken care of. It’s just a complete cluster F$$k

  10. We flew in yesterday afternoon, and it took us 2 hours to secure the car we rented with Budget from the airport. In my mind that is not acceptable for customer service!

    1. I had the same experience with Budget last year at their old facility, from talking to other customers I think this is a Budget issue not a facility issue. Doubtful I will rent from them again at OGG.

  11. Is Enterprise car rentals in the new Maui car rental facility, thank you for your great information.

      1. Will the tram hit the cruise port in Maui?
        We planned to rent from Enterprise, which is a 9 minute walk from the cruise ship. I hope Enterprise will still operate at the cruise port area.

  12. We were there 2 weeks ago. This will be nice and reduce congestion. Just wish they could improve the terminal and gate areas.

  13. We arrived last Wednesday, opening day. Hertz was giving out leis to renters. The facility is beautiful and the trolly is so convenient. A huge improvement.

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