28 thoughts on “New Maui Car Rental Operations | What You Need to Know”

  1. So disappointed. It’s October so there is now excuse for the zoo this facility has become since opening. If you arrive mid day be prepared for a very long hot multi tram wait to get on the tram.Then a hot steamy short ride with nowhere for luggage but rolling around bumping into people. We had switched to Alamo years ago because they always seemed to have lots of staff and counters open so the typical 2 plus hour wait for a car at most agencies was usually 15 min or less. Not anymore. Long long line with very few counters. Cant add more staff at busy times even if they wanted as there is no counter space. What a great idea. Make your customers pay directly for your store. Cut your staff and fire your shuttle drivers and treat your customers like sheep. What a terrible experience compared to previous dozens of rentals. I hope we can find another way to get a car in Maui.

  2. Is thrifty rental in the new place? My mom guys didn’t know. They usually pick me up at the airport when I come home, but this time I got one car and they don’t know where the new place is at and they neva see ThriftY listed in the phone book.I coming home tomorrow, 23 May. Mahaloz.

  3. Does anyone know if the Hertz still has the Gold Canopy at the new location? Also, has anyone walked from the arrivals terminal to the car rental facility? It seems that the tram could take a long time when the big planes arrive if it only holds 76 people.

  4. Just an FYI…join every frequent renter group you can for a more efficient pick up of your vehicle. There is no charge for membership. Most agencies have a “preferred” line for members. We usually speed thru the rental lines.

  5. New place is nice…….

    But DONT RENT FROM BUDGET…… 2 Hour wait. They dont staff enough to handle the people…

    1. Maybe they can use some of the old bus drivers to help at the counter, it could be a win win.

    1. Hi Sue.

      We do not see them listed in the new facility, so you may want to inquire.


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