New Hawaii Flights From Orange County, Chicago, New York Announced

New Hawaii Flights From Orange County, Chicago, New York

You’ve asked many times over the years for the return of Hawaii flights from Orange County. Today, one airline has finally answered in the affirmative. After shelving the same flight nearly a decade ago, daily nonstop Hawaii flights will be returning to John Wayne Airport. We also have news on a new route from Chicago to Kona and New York to Maui.

Nonstop service between SNA and HNL returns.

Starting tomorrow, you can book flights on the new daily nonstop on United Airlines. The daily route beginning May 6, will depart SNA at 830 am and arrive in Honolulu at 1130 am. On the return, the departure from Honolulu is at 1250 pm, and arrival at Orange County is at 910 pm. The flights will utilize Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

You may recall that this route was originally flown by two other companies, Aloha Airlines and Continental Airlines. Following acquisition by United Airlines, the Continental route was soon terminated. Aloha’s route ended following the iconic company’s demise.

The airline said that “With the additional new flights, United will offer nonstop service on more than 20 routes between the mainland and Hawaii. United’s Orange County – Honolulu service will be available for purchase on beginning Saturday, February 13.”

Here’s what had to say about Hawaii flights from Orange County.

John said, “Please let us know if any current carriers are planning to restart Honolulu-Orange County (John Wayne airport)? We miss that route once very popular for local families and college students as it’s location is ideal for Disneyland and college trips.”

Suzanne asked, “When in the world are there going to be flights to Hawaii ( any island) from SNA ( Orange County)?”

Cheri added, “We’ve haven’t seen low-cost direct flight options from Orange County (SNA) to the Islands since Aloha Airlines shutdown years ago. Southwest, there is a lot of pent up demand here in the OC. Please add SNA to your list.”

John said, “Those of us living in Orange County would love non stop service to Hawaii. I’m sick and tired of having to go to LA. What a pain. When Aloha Airlines had service to Hawaii from OC we really enjoyed it.”

Will other airlines add flights from Orange County.

We don’t think so. It is highly unlikely that any of the Hawaii mainstays Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines would consider joining United at SNA. Instead, airlines are moving to Long Beach, which has fewer logistical issues compared with Orange County.

New Chicago to Kona flights on United.

The first nonstop Chicago to Kona flights are also upcoming. Those are set to commence on June 3 and operate Thursdays through Sundays only.

New York to Maui flights on United.

Lastly, the first-ever New York to Maui nonstop flights will also begin on June 3 and operate Thursdays through Sundays only.

Avoiding COVID screening in Hawaii.

To expedite passenger arrivals in Hawaii, United said that “Customers departing Orange County and United’s hub airports can save time by showing proof of negative tests to skip document screening process in Hawaii.”


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  1. One of the unique impediments to flying out of SNA is that passenger planes leaving that airport (due to the short runway) are limited in size and weight. I imagine you want a large plane filled with people and cargo to maximize the revenue of the route.

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