New Hilton Waikiki Arrives As Trump Departs

We remember well when we first heard that there was to be a Trump Waikiki Hotel. We had the feeling of, had Honolulu finally arrived? We looked into staying at and reviewing the hotel, but ultimately didn’t do so.

Trump International Hotel Waikiki opened its doors about 15 years ago, in 2009. The 462-room deluxe hotel was reviewed as having high-end designer rooms and suites featuring Italian marble baths, gourmet kitchens with top of the line appliances, and exotic wood and leather furnishings.

But Trump Waikiki is no more, as you undoubtedly already know. It’s gone the same way as many other Trump hotels, which have off-branded, including those in Toronto, Washington DC, Vancouver, and more.

Hilton Hotels: the new company in charge at prior Trump Waikiki.

Falderal and press releases led to the crux of the matter. It didn’t work any longer. In the press release of the change, Trump EVP Eric Trump signed off, indicating that Trump Hotels will manage the property through February 6, 2024. The property remains owned by Irongate, and will be managed by Hilton.

The hotel will become Wākea Waikiki Beach by Hilton.

Owner Irongate and Hilton announced a “monumental transformation of one of Hawaii’s most revered properties. The Trump International Hotel, Waikiki, will be reborn as Wākea Waikiki Beach,” under one of Hilton’s luxury brands. A “design renovation” is part of the hotel’s new plans. Hilton said, “We are thrilled to spearhead the revival of what I have always felt to be the ‘grand dame’ of Waikiki with its timeless architecture and unobstructed views.”

The name Wākea.”

It is inspired by Hawaiian story of Wākea, the Sky Father. “In Hawaiian mythology, Wākea and Papahānaumoku, the Earth Mother, collaborated to create the Hawaiian Islands, forming a timeless connection between the earth and the sky. The iconic tower now carries this significant name, reflecting its mission to rejuvenate homeowners, guests, and visitors with the spirit of aloha and ho’okipa, embodying the warmth and hospitality of the islands.”

Look for major Hilton Wakea changes coming in 2025.

Renovations on the 15-year-old property are scheduled to commence in 2025. Those will include upgrading public areas, pool, spa, fitness, residence interiors and exteriors, plus landscaping. Two reenvisioned restaurants are expected to house an acclaimed international chef and restauranteur.

It was reported that Donald Trump never actually stayed at the hotel with his name, and chose instead to stay at the Ritz Carlton when he was in Waikiki.

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4 thoughts on “New Hilton Waikiki Arrives As Trump Departs”

  1. Hi Guy’s Just wondering if you would have some information About The Hilton Hawaiian Village Trying to book 10 nights there in June 2025 3 Adults and it looks like its all booked out is there an event or Renovations , can’t work it out , Also I see Hilton is taking over the Trump Resort will this be complete by this time.

    1. Hi Stephen.

      Good questions but outside scope of what we do. Suggest calling if you haven’t already to ask those questions. Try front desk, guest services or the manager’s office. Not central reservations.


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