New Law Starts July: Impact on Hawaii Travel Reservations Revealed

What looks like a good price for Hawaii accommodations can become a terrible deal when charges like cleaning, management, and resort fees appear later in the booking process, instead of upon first checking.

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43 thoughts on “New Law Starts July: Impact on Hawaii Travel Reservations Revealed”

  1. Aloha
    We own a few weeks of a timeshare on Kauai paying property taxes as part of annual maintenance dues. Please explain why we also pay occupancy tax on our weeks. This tax has regularly increased and on mainland is only paid by renters and Not paid by owners using their property. Malaho for your detailed response

  2. Another stupid regulation trying to save people from their own dumbness too lazy to read all disclosures, etc. After 25 plus Hawaii vacations we have never had an issue with that. But what else would someone expect out of California?

  3. This new California law is one more step for government to be involved in your life. When you travel you book a room and ot tells you what additional fees are added like parking and resort fees. Why can 1 state dictate how the travel industry runs its business. And why are taxes not included. Taxes are the one thing needed because the other fees are disclosed. The added taxes are just as ridiculous as parking fees.

  4. About the taxes: For what it’s worth, when I booked a room at an IHG hotel in California yesterday, I could click on a box above the listed price to “show taxes and fees”. I looked at a similar hotel in Hawaii and with a slightly different format, the same box is available to show the taxes. This will become standard everywhere soon.

  5. ” it won’t be easy to create different rules for different segments of visitors who are reserving online”
    VRBO, Air BnB etc already do this for some markets, as a Canadian, if I search for a vacation rental through their sites I see the per diem and the total cost of the visit, including taxes and fees as a summary. Makes it really easy to spot the true cost.

  6. Here in California the state is running a $75 billion deficit, we’re paying 6 bucks for a tank of gas, and 2 bedroom apartments are going for $3000-4000 a month. Don’t our state legislators have more important things to worry about?

  7. The transparency of fees is always a good thing for consumers. A trip here to Hawaii, should always be enjoyable without hidden costs. However with the fazing out of short-term vacation rentals, fees imposed by the resorts can also be explained if you call the for a breakdown before completing your reservation. Good move for tourism and local residents to not be hit with hidden fees

  8. I need more proof that a Californian law can apply to people not living in California. As far as I understand law, this California law only applies to STR owners who live in California. However, an interesting side point is that many of the STRs here in Hawaii are owned by mainland people, probably a lot in California. I think the law could apply to these owners.

  9. How convenient! The government imposed taxes are exempt. If you get a STR for $400 per day, ( good luck finding one) and on top of all the other fees you have to add on nearly $100 per day for all the government imposed taxes, that is not insignificant. I assume the reason for that is they can change it whenever they like or add new taxes on a whim. And they wonder why return visitors are no longer returning!


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