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243 thoughts on “Nickle-And-Dimed To Death | Hawaii Visitors Reeling”

  1. Aloha Beat Of Hawaii. Our very greedy government and county has put Hawaii out of reach for locals and visitors alike. Unfortunately, my family is being forced out of kauai due to sky high inflation after living here all of our lives

  2. Hawaii is becoming a “Disneyland.” Corporate and personal greed, in the name of “infrastructure and environmental preservation fees” are only going to increase over time. From charging for parking, to resort fees, to Habitat revitalization and Native Hawaiian Educational Resource Betterment Fund (I just made up those names… for Hawaii’s Tourism Department to use…) and any other spin-phrase$, they will only get more creative (& greedy) over time. America!!
    Hawaii still has the best, good-hearted, chill citizens in our US and A!

  3. Just to give some prospective we’re booked for first week of October 8 day 7 night stay on Oahu.

    First 5 days 4 nights at Disney’s Aulani Second half 4 days 3 nights at Outrigger Waikiki beach with rental car through Costco Travel $3,163.00.

    I have a basic room booked at Aulani Club Ocean view room at Outrigger which includes all our meals including lunch and evening cocktails.

    Plane tickets booked with points.

    They’re are still good deals for Hawaii if you know where to look.

  4. Hotels in Hawaii are not owned by Locals, especially the ones charging >$1200 per night. That money goes to Corporations and people outside of Hawaii. Hotels do not even pay a living wage. Yes, Corporate greed is a problem for everyone.

  5. I don’t believe that the politicians and bureaucrats are intentionally doing this to drive visitors away, rather they are tone deaf. They honestly believe that it’s just a small incremental increase here and there that no one will notice. And if these tax and fee increases are coming from different places they don’t realize the cumulative effect. They should be better coordinated, but that isn’t going to happen.

  6. Visitors forget that those fees they spend for airlines, hotels, and rental cars are not from Hawaii. They are mostly mainland or international companies who pay sub-standard wages to locals. While your fees are the highest, wages to hospitality employees in Hawaii are the lowest in the country.

    The fees in parks and for beach parking mitigate only a portion of the cost of rescues, infrastructure upkeep, maintenance. They also serve to keep some open space for locals who are increasingly shut out because tourists have crowded everything to unprecedented levels.

    The part about aloha….it’s rich telling locals that mainland corporations raising fees is not showing aloha. we get it…they also do not show aloha to locals either.

    1. I am nickel and dimed to death to live in Hawaii, why should visitors get a discount? Truly, it’s so overcrowded we cannot even go to the places we once loved. Seems prices could go up for visitors who are using more of our resources than we do on most days.

  7. It’s unfortunate. Planners on every island did not plan well with regards to infrastructure snd a truly balanced economy. And now everyone is paying the price. Kauai is a microcosm of Maui a microcosm of Oahu. It’s unfortunate that the beauty abd spirit of our land ocean and true culture has been compromised.

  8. Tourism, Hawaiis number one industry is under attack.Draconian covid measures were not enough, now its the destruction of Hawaii’s number one industry.Soon with the increasing price for food, housing, electricity and high priced fuel.

  9. I have been vacationing in Hawaii twice a year for the past decade. I am in Maui now and I believe this will be my last time. The cost are way up and the benefits way down. Between the rampant homelessness and abandoned vehicle’s and trash to rude sales associates and locals. I have always been respectful and treat this magical place with care and love but now I know the ultimate goal is to stop tourism period. I know when I am not welcome. I will take my hard earned money somewhere it is appreciated.


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