Remembering Don Ho

Remembering Don Ho on 90th Birthday

Affectionately known as the Ambassador to Hawaii in his lifetime, Do Ho would be 90 years old today. For 40 years, his name was synonymous with Pacific Island leisure, as was “Tiny Bubbles,” his signature hit, which helped turn him into a national figure.

Today the Waikiki International Market Place is honoring HO with a special video seen below. It features archive footage, photos, and new interviews from friends and family. The shopping center also has a bronze sculpture of Ho that was designed by Oahu-based artist Kim Duffett.

Ho was often called the Hawaiian Elvis. In 1967, Ho’s “Tiny Bubbles” reached No. 8 on the Billboard charts. Other popular tunes recorded by Ho are “I’ll Remember You,” “Pearly Shells,” “Hawaiian Wedding Song,” “Hanalei Moon” and “Kanaka Wai Wai.”

He got the idea to have a music career was serving at Travis AFB. While there he purchased an electronic keyboard and that’s when it all started. Prior to that he graduated from the Kamehameha Schools in 1949, then played football for Springfield College and returned to the islands to finish a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at the University of Hawaii in 1953.

Ho grew up in Kaneohe and started singing at Honey’s which was a restaurant and lounge owned by his mom. He exemplified the melting-pot ideal with his ethnic background of Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, and German descent.

Don Ho sadly passed away on April 14, 2007, at age 76. He will be forever missed.


11 thoughts on “Remembering Don Ho on 90th Birthday”

  1. Aloha everyone
    Was in Honolulu in summer 1967, and although we did not see Don Ho, when I was in the Marshall Islands that summer on Kwajalein, it was all the rage at the local club there to end all the shows with Tiny Bubbles:)
    Rest in Peace Don Ho.

  2. My Tutu took my family to his show in 1990.
    Don Ho was amazing and always made everyone a part of the show.
    What an amazing person. Don Ho was much better than Elvis!

    Mahalo Beat of Hawai’i for remembering the man and the legend!

  3. My girlfriends and I flew to Hawaii to celebrate my 20th birthday in 1973 and were lucky to go to the Don Ho show. We were knees to the stage and when he started singing Tiny Bubbles he reached his hand out to me to join him on stage. What a wonderful memory! And a lot of pictures in my “Hawaii Memories” book. Thank you both for all of the wonderful information you share as well as Pandemic updates. We had to cancel our spring trip and will hopefully be there sometime in 2021.

  4. Aloha, guys!
    Thank you for posting this. Don Ho was my first “exposure” to Hawaii as a kid. Little did I know, back then, how much of an effect Kauai would have on me when I finally visited as an adult. It is a spirit I carry with me every day. May you all stay safe.

  5. I remember being in Honolulu for my daughter’s 1st birthday in 1984 and bringing my in-laws with us to see the wonderful sights. We couldn’t get seats for one of his performances and my now passed ex-mother-in-law let me know in no uncertain terms what she thought of my planning, since that was what she thought would have been the highlight of our trip.

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