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Save 10% on Southwest Hawaii Flights With This Trick

Here’s news some of you may LUV that will save 10% on any fare on Southwest Hawaii flights or any other Southwest flights. After reading our post yesterday, Southwest Hawaii Vacation Risk, if you remain a loyalist to the airline, check this offer out.

Leave it to Costco to have another Hawaii deal. The big-box store, uber-popular in Hawaii, is once again selling Southwest Airlines’ gift certificates.

Costco Southwest Airlines Giftcard. Available for purchase and redemption online. Costco also says about their Southwest cards that “emails are normally delivered within the hour to the email address you have entered.”

Costco has also similarly offered Alaska Airlines gift cards and Hawaiian Airlines gift cards. Those are, however, not available at this time.

Here’s how to use these. 

First, find the flights that you intend to buy. There’s no reason to lock up money with an airline if you can’t use it right away. Then head over to and purchase the gift card. Wait until the gift card voucher email arrives, and immediately buy the desired airfare.

Please let us know if you have purchased Costco gift cards for Hawaii before or if you intend to.

With careful planning, these can be a no-brainer way to save 10% on Southwest Hawaii flights or those to other destinations Southwest Airlines serves.

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2 thoughts on “Save 10% on Southwest Hawaii Flights With This Trick”

  1. I successfully bought 2 Costco Southwest Airlines, and the gift credit was applied to the purchase of 3 roundtrip tickets from Denver to Maui. There was a glitch, though.

    when purchased, I immediately received a confirmation of purchase email and received a confirmation of order email about 55 minutes later. The order email did not contain information for the credit to be applied when purchasing the SWA tickets. I was stumped!

    I called SWA customer care and the rep was initially confused what my problem is. Eventually the rep figured out. I was advised to go to the link provided by Beat of Hawaii. On that web page there is another link labeled “Digital Order FAQs”. From that web page you input the beneficiary name and email address

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