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Scores Of Hawaiian Air Flights Canceled + Southwest Pilots Safety Warning

Holiday week travel snare plus pilots warn that “safety is becoming untenable.”

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47 thoughts on “Scores Of Hawaiian Air Flights Canceled + Southwest Pilots Safety Warning”

  1. The Pilots are fatigued? They had several
    months off !
    Tell that to the Dr. and Nurses who did
    Double duty and no time off for 2 years .
    How many hours are Pilots working ? I thought there was a limit to
    How often they can fly .

  2. Did everyone forget all the workers that were let go because they didn’t want the Covid shot ?? The airlines caused this problem themselves with that stupid rule. And all the other jobs that were lost due to that political scam.

    1. 100%

      I know several persoanlly.. many went to other airlines, including Southwest… Guess they’re not as dangeruous as Hawaiian’s CEO thinks.

    1. Those 1000 hours are engine running time. Everytime you see us in the airport, we aren’t getting paid. Every time you see us pre flighting an aircraft, we aren’t getting paid. Every time you see doing anything outside of the cockpit, we aren’t getting paid. Basically anytime you see us in uniform, we aren’t getting paid. Please do not equate what we do to your 40 hr work week. It has no comparison at all.

      1. Thank you, Mark, for your response to that comment. I appreciate your and other pilots’ hard work, paid and unpaid, that we passengers rely on to get us safely to our destinations!

        Bidding you Blue skies and Tailwinds!

        Lisa B

  3. I was forced to retire from Delta due to the age 65 rule. I would fill in as would other retirees on a temporary basis if the FAA would resend that onerous rule

      1. I didn’t want to mention that. I feel I make enough typos myself that I don’t have to point out typos made by others. I think LiGTHNiNG1 knows the difference between resend and rescind. And, I’m sure most of us were expecting rescind and therefore read the sentence with that word.


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