Hawaiian Airlines Cancels Many Flights Abruptly

Hawaiian Airlines Cancels Many Flights Abruptly

Visitors are rankled and reporting many Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellations in comments we receive. These come as both A321neo engine problems worsen and less demand for Maui service continues at the challenged Hawaii bellwether. See the most recent cancellations below.

Hawaiian Airlines is still having significant issues with excessively long engine repairs required on the entire fleet of 18 Airbus A321neo aircraft. The airline had temporarily eliminated some routes, as we’ve previously reported, and canceled flights, sometimes at the last minute, as reported in comments, on routes that are otherwise still operating. Previously the aircraft engine manufacturer announced that instead of their previous estimate of 60 days per engine for inspection and repair, it would instead take up to 300 days!

Regular commenter Tim alerted us this week, “Look guys, love BOH , but really stop with Hawaiian Air; they are the most inconsiderable group of people. They canceled my trip from LGB to OGG yesterday and said they would assign us to another flight. Still haven’t heard, called to hear them say all flights for the next week are canceled; wow, Maui is trying to open, and they decided to join the government and mayor to keep people away, it’s sad.”

Les reported, Regarding the new app..well, it failed in notification. I checked in to my flight for today, Oct. 9, as usual, 24 hours ahead of time, for both flights, and this was into Long Beach. I checked 3 times as usual to ensure still scheduled and on time, which it was. Then at 9 pm Oct 8, I checked, and bam, the main flight to LB was canceled, no notification, no email, nothing.”

Darren added, “Hawaiian Airlines is currently a disaster. My direct flight from Oak to Kauai I booked in January, was canceled in August. The new flights offered were terrible, with a long layover in Honolulu. Then, on October 8th at 6:00 pm, I was told my October 10th flight, literally 34 hours away, was just canceled!!! Now the only flights they offered were horrible!! 6-hour layover and terrible seats. I had good extra comfort and isle seating on my original trip.”

Finally, Bill exclaimed, “We were due to fly to OGG tomorrow from SJC, and our flight, along with all the other flights from S.F. Bay Area airports, were canceled. Less than 24 hours’ notice was given, which seems terribly wrong. I took the refund and am flying United instead.”

Unfortunately, these comments were just four in a long list we received on this issue. You will also read more of these problems in comments below. Please add your experiences.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancels Many Flights As A321 Problems Deepen

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Two mainland departure cities that are reported to have suffered the most from the Hawaiian Airlines’ cancellations are San Francisco and Long Beach. Frequently, it is also the flights traveling to Maui that are being canceled. We can’t say, and Hawaiian doesn’t reveal how many planes are out of service for the nearly year-long repair required at any given time, but that could well be in the range of five or more planes at once.

Sixteen Hawaiian Airlines flights recently canceled on just two routes.

As an example of the problems, we investigated two popular routes that visitors had mentioned.

  • Hawaiian Flight 41 from San Francisco to Maui has been canceled ten times from September 26 through October 17.
  • Flight 71 from Long Beach to Maui has been canceled six times in just the eight days.

Please share any recent experiences you may have had, good or bad.

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40 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Cancels Many Flights Abruptly”

  1. Same flight here HA 41 on May 3.woke up early to prepare for our early morning flight only to find out an email was sent in the middle of the night our flight was cancelled. This was our 15 wedding anniversary trip, really disappointed.

  2. Just seeing this now after my flight 41 from San Francisco to Kahului was canceled with less than 24 hours notice. Major pain to rebook and seek refund for baggage and other extra fees.

  3. HA has cancelled the SFO/HNL 330 rotation (Flight 11/12) 3 times in the last 7 days. Presumably they are cancelling this flight because passengers can be accommodated on United. HA has become very unreliable the last 3 months. We’re traveling to Maui on Thanksgiving Day and have had 5 schedule changes. If I had to book again, I would avoid HA at all cost until they can get operational reliability.

  4. We were a traveling party of 11, 6 adults and 5 children. Hawaiian airlines cancelled our return flight LGB to OGG on 10/16/23 with less than 24 hours notice!

    They could not return us home to Maui until 10/18/23! Fortunately the hotel we were staying at could accommodate us for the additional 2 days.

    We are now in the process of recovering additional cost incurred by this travel delay with Hawaiian Airlines. Filed request for reimbursement on 10/19/23 with follow up communication a week later. Haven’t gotten anywhere with Hawaiian Airlines to date. Customer service has been very disappointing.

  5. I’ve had 3 Hawaiian flights canceled this year as well. One was in March to Honolulu 12 hours from departure from SFO AFTER I was checked in! No notification except for an email. No rebooking or assistance from customer service. I ended up missing a funeral service. Then 2 in October to Maui same scenario, but a text 24 hrs before departure. Flew united and a flight attendant said they have been getting an influx of passengers last minute from Hawaiian on a regular basis. Hawaiian, first to worst…

  6. I was just notified that my direct flight from Long Beach to Maui/OGG was cancelled, and they put me on a connecting flight via Honolulu. I paid extra for the direct flight, and I paid almost $100 for a seat upgrade. Now, I am getting no direct flight and no upgraded seat. Would Hawaiian Airline at least refund me the difference? Of course, the pricing has gone up since I booked more than a month ago, so now you can’t tell there was a price difference when I booked. Any advice on what to do?

  7. We have a trip next month on Hawaiian. We had gotten a time change notification on our flight but the changes were minimal so I thought nothing of it. I went to see about a possible seat upgrade when I noticed that our SEA to OGG and return flight both were no longer on the wide body jet, and our seats were no longer together. We specifically fly Hawaiian out of Seattle due to the 2 -4-2 seating and often pay more for it. So this was a disappointment. I’ll be curious if this is a permanent change or to do with decrease in tourism/plane issues. Now I have a new fear unlocked that might flight might be cancelled altogether!

    1. Hi Jen.

      Glad you asked. They are downsizing that to A321neo in November and December. Then it returns to A330 for the remainder of their schedule. It would seem highly unlikely for them to withdraw from that route, and leave it to the other nonstops from Alaska and Delta.


  8. I live in state and will never fly Hawaiian airlines again. I have a $100 voucher for when they literally left me on the ground on Kauai as they had no wheelchair service for me which since I’m disabled I use to board and deboard the plane. This was because they were still sorting out the cancellations because of the previous day’s turbulence incident resulting in 34 injuries…and then the following day landing gear failed on a flight from Maui to Oahu. I tried them once more to burn flight credit flying my 12 yr old daughter back from school break, she had an earache and they tried to take her, without me, unaccompanied by ambulance on Oahu and send me on my way back to Big Island and her friend (age 14) on to Kauai without us.

  9. I have often wondered in similar situations of a route that is not selling well if an airline can easily away with claiming mechanical reasons for a cancellation when in reality they just didn’t sell enough seats to justify the trip. Do industry veterans have insight on this?

  10. Wah wah wah, everybody’s crying worse than babies. You think it’s the airline’s fault, no. It’s the manufacturers fault. Their engines failed to produce & that’s why there’s a recall. You think changing an engine is like changing a tire? think again. So reschedule, rebook or research other options of travel if you have to

    1. Are you serious? Of course it’s Hawaiians fault. They know what planes they have available and cancelling at the last minute is inexcusable.
      Maybe your just comfortable with disappointments in your life

  11. Aloha! My recent flight OGG/Maui to Long Beach on October 13th was canceled 4 days prior due to “Maintenance grounding” whatever that means …I specifically chose Hawaiian because they were not canceling flights. I immediately called & was booked on direct flight to LAX/Los Angeles…Hate their Gate!!! It’s soooo far from exiting the actual building and LAX on a Friday night is nuts !! Hoping flights are more consistent going forward as tourism S l o w l y returns …ps. My daughter & her boyfriend just booked Thanksgiving week for $440 round trip : LAX to Maui !!!

  12. My return flight from SFO to HNL on Hawaiian Airlines was also cancelled without notification causing my daughter & I to be stranded in SF. Hawaiian agent said they could not help wit finding accommodations. I called their reservation line and was told their next available flight would not be for 3 days. I incurred a $2000 expense for an additional night stay, transportation, food and next available flight on delta the following day. Hawaiian denied responsibility.


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