Hawaiian Airlines Chopping More Routes | Reality Of Engine Recall Looms

Hawaiian Airlines Chopping More Routes | Reality Of Engine Recall Looms

Late today, during communication with Hawaiian Airlines, the company reaffirmed more flights are being temporarily chopped, on a total of three routes thus far. Beat of Hawaii had already seen changes in Google Flights earlier. And we also received a tip for which we are grateful from reader CB.

These additional schedule changes are needed, as we indicated previously, in order for the plane-strapped Hawaii bellwether to address an unexpected engine recall that impacts its mission critical fleet of 5-year-old narrow body Airbus A321neo aircraft.

Today’s changes are the next response to last week’s Pratt & Whitney engine recall. We indicated last week, as was confirmed by the airline, that the extent of required schedule cuts was yet to be fully determined.

Hawaiian Airlines provided Beat of Hawaii the following schedule update:

Hawaiian Airlines is making more network adjustments as a result of Pratt & Whitney’s recent announcement that some Airbus A321neo engines will require additional inspections in coming months.

Hawaiian will pause Lihue-Oakland service from Sept. 6 through Dec. 14.

Also, from Sept. 9 through Jan. 8, Hawaiian will suspend the following flights:

Honolulu to San Jose on Saturdays, and San Jose to Honolulu on Mondays;

and service between Kahului and San Jose on Sundays.

Last week, Hawaiian announced that it would not operate its Kahului-Las Vegas flight from Aug. 5-31 in anticipation of the upcoming Pratt & Whitney engine checks that will require some aircraft to be out of service.

We sincerely apologize to our impacted guests for the inconvenience and are working with them on alternative travel options.

Alex Da Silva, Hawaiian Airlines.

Fast unfolding Hawaiian Airlines A321neo fleet engine recall.

Last week Hawaiian was told at the last minute prior to its earnings call, by engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, that some of their Airbus A321neo engines would need to be taken off the fuselages and returned for inspection and possible repair.

The next day, the airline proactively made schedule announcements for August 5 to 31. Starting this Friday, their otherwise daily Kahului-Las Vegas flight will not operate, with passengers being re-accommodated on Honolulu-Las Vegas flights or being offered alternative solutions. If you have been impacted, please comment to let us know how it was handled.

Hawaiian acknowledged at the time the inconvenience caused to their guests, albeit through through no fault of their own other than having bought the industry-loved aircraft and the Pratt & Whitney engines. They have been actively working with P&W to try to reduce the impact of the engine checks that will occur over the next year.

We said last week that “The extent of the required schedule changes may be more significant than the current announcement suggests. Hawaiian Airlines has not yet determined the number of aircraft that will need to be taken offline for the estimated two-month duration required for the recall work. This work involves the removal, inspection, repair, and reinstallation of the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G jet engines in question. Furthermore, they are uncertain about how many of the 18 planes in their fleet will require this urgent service and where the work will be performed.”

While more is now known, here is what we still hope to learn:

  • First, is this the end of flight cuts? We think not. We did ask Hawaiian for a comment regarding whether there would be one set of flight cuts or multiple ones. They have not responded definitively. We do know that P&W said that the services would take place over the next year, whereas Hawaiian’s announcements on the subject to date only go through January.
  • We also are waiting to learn about where the engine maintenance work will be done. The heavy maintenance for Hawaiian Airlines is usually conducted in the Philippines by a division of Singapore Airlines. However, it remains uncertain whether the engine shop work will be done there or by Pratt & Whitney.
  • How long will each plane be out of service? P&W estimated last week that it could take two months time for each plane that requires service. Hawaiian has not confirmed how that will work for them.
  • And lastly, exactly how many planes in the 18-aircraft fleet are subject to the recall?

Southwest airfares on newly impacted route now $45-$162 higher each way.

We previously indicated that these required flight cancellations would have implications for airfare costs on certain routes. And we see that already being the case.

For example, in August, when Hawaiian and Southwest compete on the Oakland to Lihue route, fares are available as low as $169 one way. In September, however, with only Southwest operating, they range from $214 to $331 one way.

As the situation continues to evolve, Beat of Hawaii will offer further updates. Let us know if you have any questions.

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25 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Chopping More Routes | Reality Of Engine Recall Looms”

  1. We fly to Kahului from Oakland a few times a year and just noticed that without any notice, Hawaiian ceased all direct flights from Oak-OGG until May 25th. Must go to SFO. Humbug…

  2. I love Hawaiian airlines and I am so grateful that they have concerns for lives and “ Safety First” is of utmost importance to them & myself. Thank you for protecting your passengers Hawaiian Airlines & I will continue flying with you after this short season of inspecting & fixing them for our safety.

  3. Hawaiian airlines is currently a disaster. My direct flight from oak to Kauai I book in January was. Cancelled in August. The new flights offered were terrible with a long layover in Honolulu. Then, on October 8th 6:00 pm, I was told my October 10th flight, literally 34 hours away, was just cancelled!!! Now the only flights they offered were horrible!! 6 hour layover and terrible seats. I had good extra comfort and isle seating on my original trip.

  4. Aloha,

    My family and I have a flight schedule through Hawaiian Airlines
    Hawaiian Airlines HA 63 -Aircraft: Airbus 321 from LAX to LIH on Saturday, September 9th.

    Can you please advise if we should be concerned on the engine recall? suspend my flights?

    Also, from Sept. 9 through Jan. 8, Hawaiian will suspend the following flights:

    1. Hi Aracely.

      We can’t advise you. It’s your choice. If you’re asking if we would fly on that plane, the answer is yes we would and yes we have recently.


  5. I was thinking of changing a flight I was going to take on Alaskan from Reno to instead go from Sacramento to Kahalui round trip from September 14-20, 2023. The plan is an A321. I wonder if that flight may end up getting cancelled.

  6. My husband and I are contemplating a last minute trip, leaving in two weeks on August 20 and returning August 26, and would love to fly from Ontario to Honolulu, rather than having to go to LAX.

    Hawaiian’s website is showing that the Ontario flight is available for purchase, but I would hate to book it and then find out in a couple of days that the Ontario route was scrapped.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it would just be smarter to fly out of LAX, or is Hawaiian trying to limit how many of the A321 neo planes they have out at once?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Jeanette.

      As far as we know, there will be no additional short term changes to Hawaiian’s schedule. That is unless something transpires subsequently that would indicate otherwise. Their stated goal was to stay ahead of the recall implications.


      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply!

        I really enjoy your website – it has so much useful information.

        Jeanette Z

        1. Hi Jeanette.

          Thanks – it’s our pleasure. We hope to see you again soon. And enjoy your last minute vacation!


    2. Jeanette,

      We always fly from Ontario (or San Diego, to avoid LAX). Have had Ont HNL reservations for a while now and no communication from Hawaiian. Made the reservations through American Express. Called them yesterday and they had nothing to report. Said they would reach out to me if anything comes up.

      1. Hi Rod,

        Thank you for the reply. We did decide to go ahead and book the flight out of ONT. We flew from there last year, and it was so nice not to have to go to LAX.

        Fingers crossed that Hawaiian keeps that route in place!

        Jeanette Z

        1. Jeanette,

          Yes LAX is a zoo. It can never be fixed unless it “moves.”

          We are going Sep 14, return Sep 30. May extend 1 day so be can catch the floral parade on the 30th.

          Have a great time!

  7. Hawaiian airlines has not contacted any of their passengers on cancelled flights. If you have not read the news or followed Internet sites such as this one you would have no idea your flight has been cancelled. We were on a cancelled Las Vegas to Maui flight and had to contact Hawaiian airlines. They hadn’t rebooked us on anything.

  8. Flying HA from Ontario HNL Sep 14, return Sep 30.

    They fly the A321. No change or cancellation notices yet. Fingers crossed.

  9. What’s going on with all the outbound flights from Lihue being red eyes to Seattle with some extremely long layovers to some connecting cities.
    I absolutely hate red eye flights as I have extremely bad sleep apnea and after I get to Seattle and have a layover of at least 3 hours (up to 23 hours) it almost makes the incredible vacation not worth it as we are so exhausted. As we are in our 70’s it’s harder to bounce back. I’m probably just to dang picky, but the flight choices to the mainland have never has been so bad.
    Just my 2 cents worth☺️

    1. Hi Susan.

      Don’t look, but it isn’t just Seattle. We are bound for San Diego and found that the flight that used to arrive there late in the evening is now overnight, arriving very early the next morning. Many people do like overnight flights since it gives them an additional day in Hawaii at little cost. But we can’t say if it is for that reason or for the benefit of the carriers.


      1. I’m not that fond of overnight flights, but I sure would like a 4pm or 5pm departure from HNL for the return to ONT.

        It really would feel like an extra day!


          1. I’m a great sleeper, but I don’t like arriving on a day other than the day of departure.

            I had to fly to Seoul, and as soon as the seat belt sign went off, my seat went flat (by me). The next thing I heard had something to do with prep for landing. I had an aisle seat and the lady on the other side of the aisle, when we landed, said “You never moved, I thought you were dead.” That would have been a good time to call a medic.


  10. Our August 15 flight from Kahului to Las Vegas has been impacted by the P & W recall but we have heard nothing from Hawaiian Air regarding a schedule change. Having seen your article, I checked with Hawaiian and found that we have been rescheduled. The reschedule is acceptable, but I continue to look for an official notice (an e-mail?) from Hawaiian.

  11. Keeping my fingers crossed HA figures out how to keep the HNL -> RAR route going. I booked that route as soon as the tickets started selling for our anniversary trip next month!

    Aloha, BOH.

    1. Hi Ed.

      With no mention of Cook Islands in their communication, we believe you should be good. Have a great time.


      1. Aloha from Aitutaki, BOH! We made it here 3 days ago on a A321NEO. I was very apprehensive about flying that plane, especially after a pilot acquaintance who flies for UA said he would not get on one of them if it hadn’t been fixed!

        Please don’t take it personally, but the Cook Islands are now our favorite place in the world! The founder of Lonely Planet travel called Aitutaki the most beautiful island in the world, and it is!


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