Should Maui Visitors Be Subject To $1,000 Fine For This?

A new law went into effect yesterday on Maui. And a somewhat less stringent one is coming to the Big Island.

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123 thoughts on “Should Maui Visitors Be Subject To $1,000 Fine For This?”

  1. I have lived on Maui and since I moved away my wife and I have visited so often in the past 3 years now. We have always used reef safe sunscreen. I am very proud that the new law went into effect. Juat wish they had done it sooner.

  2. Aloha,
    The chemical sun screen ban is fine in that it will reduce the use but will not eliminate it. We have been coming to the islands for over 50 years and remember seeing the waters at popular beaches cloudy and appear to have an oil sheen. Can’t be good. I have skin cancer issues and have to be very careful when exposing body parts. One way now with a wide variety of UV protective sport wear and wide brim UV hats, the use of proper sunscreen can be drastically reduced.
    Mahalo and Thanks for all you do to keep us in the loop.
    Greg H

  3. Yes, yes, yes. My family did a snorkeling tour this last August and the organizers were very vocal about using reef-safe sunscreen. We then witnessed an entire family using standard stuff that did not meet the requirements. Folks need to respect what they are witnessing and experiencing in the remaining reefs and marine wildlife. I would increase it to $10k, honestly….

  4. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I have believed for many years that sunscreen containing these harmful chemicals are dangerous, and no one should use them! Maybe the truth is finally coming out, people should be smart enough to make those decisions themselves to not use them. But they should ultimately be pulled from the market to ensure that no one, human or marine life is harmed from them.

  5. To truly combat the problem, go to the source. Hold the manufacturers accountable! Don’t allow retail stores to sell sunscreen with prohibited chemicals. Consumers will buy what’s on the shelves. If I am subject to a $1,000 fine then the store that sold it and the company that makes it should be fined even more severely.

  6. Why not go to the Source the Manufacturer and stop it before it even gets sold? It’s not very realistic to think Visitors who on average are in Hawaii a Week are going to return for a Court Date, so then the Fine becomes a Tax on Travel by Default. In 2019 ABC/Foodland stopped giving out Plastic Bags to Shoppers, inconvenient, but effective as to recycling. Airlines can forwarn Passengers when being Ticketed, but there will always be those unaware and clueless who buy at Airport stores outbound. Still irks me, I had my bottle of Aloe taken by Airport Security departing because of the Size/Oz. Limit going through Security at Hono International, they threw in dumpster, but I’m sure was removed, Un-opened!

  7. Thank you for the sunscreen article. Is there a list of brands of sunscreen that are acceptable? This would be helpful as we plan our next visit.

  8. Well intentioned, for sure but creating a law that is known from the start to be basically unenforceable seems to diminish the legitimacy of law making over all. Too many unenforceable laws just for the sake of political grandstanding.

    How about a law prohibiting the sale of such products in the Islands? Would do more to diminish the use of such damaging products than a mostly unenforceable law.

  9. We are making a trip to the Big Island in January ’23. I will inform everyone of the need for safe sunscreen.

    Thank younfor this information. I am grateful for any and all care taken of our world.


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