Southwest Bring-A-Friend-To-Hawaii: From $26

Last Call: Southwest Bring-A-Friend-To-Hawaii: From $26

An offer from Southwest today caught our eye as too good not to mention. Your editors are about to book this ourselves, starting in Hawaii, as it works in either direction. This is as good a promotional offer as you’ll find on Hawaii flights.

If you fly a round trip anywhere on Southwest next month (September) or two one-way flights, you can bring a friend to Hawaii for just taxes and fees that start at only $26 each way next year from January 8 through March 8.

The free ticket for a companion (except for the cost of the taxes) is valid anywhere Southwest flies, not just to Hawaii. But we think Hawaii! If you haven’t had a chance to try Southwest’s Companion Pass, today’s the day. All you need to do is to fly one roundtrip on Southwest this September to Hawaii or anywhere.

Promotional Southwest Companion Pass Ends Soon.

Not only that, but you can wait for the next Southwest Hawaii fare sale to purchase your “Companion Flies Free” tickets for the lowest possible price.

  1. Register now, then purchase one roundtrip or two one-way flights by 8/30.
  2. You must be a Rapid Rewards Member. If not, you can sign up before registering.
  3. Travel by 9/30.
  4. Companion flies free with you 1/8-3/8/2024. You’ll receive instructions on how to designate your companion.

Without this one-time Promotional Companion Pass, you would need to earn 135,000 Companion Pass points or fly 100 qualifying one-way flights to be eligible for a one-year Companion Pass.

A top-notch and not to be missed Hawaii airfare deal.

The Southwest Companion Pass is often considered one of the great Hawaii travel deals, and for good reason. And Southwest allows you to change companions as well. The possibilities are quite good. Now you can try it out with this Promotional Companion Pass offer.

It’s a fail-safe offer from Southwest.

In the event you change your mind, you can always cancel a trip and reuse your travel funds at a later date. They do not expire.

Who are you bringing with you to Hawaii?

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8 thoughts on “Last Call: Southwest Bring-A-Friend-To-Hawaii: From $26”

  1. I love Hawaiian’s service, just flew on them from the mainland home a couple weeks ago and the old adage “ you are in Hawaii when you board the plane rather then waiting till you land” still holds true. Personally I believe flying the local airline supports Hawaii in the same way buying local does. Hawaii is dealing with some tough times right now. I support the airline that supports the local economy.

    1. Which is why I have flown Hawaiian exclusively for over 20 years
      but the way HAL has handled my upcoming trip in October to Kauai
      has been really terrible. We will see how are trip to Kauai goes
      in October. Next spring I think we will take Alaska and visit Kona.

  2. You said “Without this one-time Promotional Companion Pass, you would need to earn 135,000 Companion Pass points or fly 100 qualifying one-way flights to be eligible for a one-year Companion Pass.”
    It’s actually a 2 year Companion pass. The year you earn it and then the following year.

  3. I have a up coming trip to Maui on October 22 through the 29th wit my grandchildren and brother and sister in law. We are all suppose to stay at the Marriott Maui Beach Club in Kaanapali. Have you heard anything from the governors office if the ban on tourists will still be lifted on October 18? Hawaiian Air is giving everyone until September 1 to file for full refunds. We would still love to come and support all businesses open. I think people need to work and tourist need to support them besides the donations we all have given. We have talked to friends on the island and they want visitors! It is what supports their way of life.

  4. I realize everyone wants a bargain but Southwest’s pricing power
    is what is forcing HAL to cut costs which is why their customer service
    now sucks.

  5. Hey guys. This is only good for somebody that needs to fly to Hawaii on a regular basis. You are still required to buy 2 tickets so you are not getting a free ticket regardless if it’s with a companion, etc. Good offer though.

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