Free Trip to Hawaii! Just Fly Southwest Interisland Or Anywhere

Free Trip to Hawaii! Just Fly Southwest Interisland Or Anywhere

An offer from Southwest this morning caught our eye as too good to pass up, at least for us. Your editors are about to book roundtrip interisland flights between Kauai and Honolulu. This is only the second time we have been able to take advantage of this Southwest offer. In our case, with just one $120 interisland airfare, we will each receive a free companion pass – a free ticket for a companion we will travel with (except for the cost of the taxes) anywhere Southwest flies. Think Hawaii!

Southwest Hawaii Updates

A Companion Pass normally requires flying 100 times or earning 135k points in one year. This limited promotion requires that you purchase any roundtrip (or two one-ways) no later than March 27. Read below for more details and act fast if this is for you.

Note: You may have heard about and seen these well-regarded Companion Pass offers before but have never taken advantage of one. It is too good to pass up. We will each fly roundtrip using a $120 interisland airfare, and each will score a free companion pass valid in late summer to early fall. We also see a $92 promotional roundtrip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, another example of cheap airfare that will qualify you for a Companion Pass and a free trip to Hawaii for your travel companion later this year.

Free Flights To Hawaii | Southwest Companion Pass Offer Ends Wednesday.

  1. First, register for the promotion at by logging into your Southwest Rapid Rewards account to book travel. Then, purchase one roundtrip or two one-way flights no later than Wednesday, March 27, 2024.
  2. Travel to qualify by May 22, 2024, to earn the Companion Pass.
  3. Wait to receive the free Companion Pass, then purchase tickets to Hawaii for the promo period.
  4. Travel with a companion using the Companion Pass from August 5 to October 2, 2024.
  5. Companion Pass fares don’t include fees and taxes of $5.60 each way.

There are some rules to be aware of for this deal. Those include “Changes made to itineraries after purchase may eliminate qualification for this promotion.” You may change your companion choice if desired. See their Companion Pass promotion for a complete list of policies.

Are you bringing a friend or family member to Hawaii for free?

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2 thoughts on “Free Trip to Hawaii! Just Fly Southwest Interisland Or Anywhere”

  1. SW had a similar promotion last spring that required 3 roundtrips and I took advantage of it. Note that their typical companion offer requiring 100 flights or 135,000 points qualifies one for the companion fare for the rest of the year that it is earned And the next year as well.

  2. I earned a promotional companion pass in fall 2023 and used it for a flight from LAX to Savannah, GA in January. Totally worth it. Keep in mind that if you pay for Business Select (A1-15)and are not A-List status, your companion will Not be able to board with you. They will be on their own confirmation/check-in and have to go through the normal process.
    Happy seat saving 🙂

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