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Southwest Hawaii Culture Under Attack | No Christmas LUV

With an odd juxtaposition at the holidays, Southwest Hawaii’s unique culture as seen through the eyes of snow.

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58 thoughts on “Southwest Hawaii Culture Under Attack | No Christmas LUV”

  1. Just like your dentist working 16 hour shifts, I surely wouldn’t want airplane mechanics to be wrenching after 14 hours to get your plane ready to fly. Just saying 🛬

  2. Not an exactly accurate story. I’ve worked for a few airlines and mando is part of the job. The first 2 years I worked all the holidays and mandod all the time. It continued for many years after off and on. Once I had 15 yrs seniority,it didn’t happen anymore
    It’s bad when you slam WN when this is quite normal in the airline and aviation industry.
    Of course you’re correct it has been worse since covid,but remember this isn’t that unusual

  3. Lol this is awesome the gall of these employers bring a note. Pound sand where are the execs and directors notes. I hope they all quit then these execs can go down and man the front lines. Obviously these execs are there out of nepotism and chronyism no one with a clue would be dumb enough to come up with things like this.

  4. Seems like you’re a little biased(favoring Hawaiian Airlines). What about everyone like who works at Hawaiian Hilton Village? At Southwest actually gives excellent “buddy passes”.Hawaiian Airlines sucks with rest of domestic carriers.Been flying from Cali to Samoa ever since Pan Am days. So I know.

  5. Ironic how airlines couldn’t layoff or offer early retirement to employees fast enough at the beginning of the pandemic. Then the world returns to a working profitability, they along with many corporations and companies change the terms of employment. They call it being a team player, or else. What a bunch of bull pucky. You can only hope such an airline won’t be falling out of the skies.

  6. Forced Mandatory Overtime will cause more grief going forward, with current Shortages at every Airline surely pastures are greener close by. During certain times of the year and also with serious cases of the flu effecting many, current policy mandates the extra hours and days. Firings will only make things so much more stressful, difficult, and volatile. There’s undoubtedly better, more effective, ways to handle this.

  7. Southwest looks to be harsh but when a company has to run lean then overtime is required when several people call in sick ( or because surfing or fishing is good)!
    I worked for a City that required a doctor’s note so not a big deal. Keeps people honest. You have to remember the hundreds of people who depend on people doing there jobs.
    People would gripe if they had hours cut so more employees could be hired.

  8. I guess i wouldnt be working there anymore. Telemed is the current method of communications even with specialists. Shame shame shame

  9. The airline industry has become one similar to Greyhound buses in the 1950’s. It’s just getting the most seats filled and trying to be on time. All the airlines treat the ramp employees poorly!


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