Southwest Hawaii Latest Approach: Cultural Sensitivity; InterIsland Theme

Southwest Hawaii Latest Approach: Cultural Sensitivity; InterIsland Theme

Southwest’s CEO Bob Jordan has just announced that in honor of  the 4th anniversary of their first interisland flight, and coincidentally or not, Lei Day in Hawaii, they are pausing to dedicate a new Hawaii-themed plane called “Imua One.”

“Today, April 28, 2023, is the fourth anniversary of our first interisland flight within Hawaii. As we look forward to our fifth year of service, we want to take a moment to say mahalo to the people in Hawaii who have welcomed us with warm aloha. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the Islands, and as a symbol of thanks, we dedicate a high-flying tribute: Imua One.” — Bob Jordan.

Southwest said this aircraft will serve as a ” symbol of the partnership between the Hawaiian Islands and Southwest. Imua,” said Jordan, “is a rallying cry in the Hawaiian language that translates to an urging forward, and it underscores a key value at Southwest—Teamwork.”

Created in Hawaii with the guidance of a Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner.

Southwest Hawaii Latest Approach: Cultural Sensitivity; InterIsland Theme

The design emanates from the Osaki Creative Group, an Oahu-based agency. Southwest said that “Its distinctive design features eight elements that represent concepts in Hawaiian culture that also align with Southwest values. The aircraft design features stars for each of the five airports in Hawaii Southwest serves; six paddlers in an outrigger bring to life the concept of Imua; and six turtles in two groups of three to represent harmony and balance.

A lei at the nose of the plane is to honor each island through its official flowers. The traditional colors in the Southwest Heart livery, bold blue, red, and yellow, a gradient transition was incorporated to represent night to day, and honor the Hawaiian tradition of the Pacific journey using wind and following the guidance of the sun, stars, and moon to navigate.

The eight central visual elements of the Imua One livery hold significance in Hawaii and at Southwest:

Southwest Hawaii Latest Approach: Cultural Sensitivity; InterIsland Theme

Ohana (Family): Root in relationships.
Honu (Turtle): Move with perseverance.
Aina (Land): Find common ground.
Ama (Support): Connect to strengthen and balance.
Hoku (Star): Guide with purpose.
Kai (Ocean): Harness good energy.
Lokahi (Unity): Succeed with Teamwork.
Imua (Forward): Go forward with strength, courage, and strong spirit.”

Southwest launching a video series called “Honoring the Heart of Hawaii.”

Please share with us your thoughts on Southwest Hawaii’s latest approach.

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40 thoughts on “Southwest Hawaii Latest Approach: Cultural Sensitivity; InterIsland Theme”

  1. Hi BOH,

    It looks like this aircraft (N8710M) has finished its tour of the five Hawaii airports Southwest serves and is now on a direct from KOA to DAL. Not every day you see a 737 flying 3,700 miles direct so thought it was cool to point out. Clearly, Southwest is flying this one empty.


    1. Hi Will.

      Thanks for keeping your eye on that bird. We saw it loading passengers at Lihue on Saturday morning.



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