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Southwest Hawaii Culture Under Attack | No Christmas LUV

With an odd juxtaposition at the holidays, Southwest Hawaii’s unique culture as seen through the eyes of snow.

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58 thoughts on “Southwest Hawaii Culture Under Attack | No Christmas LUV”

  1. Nonsense. Employees have a choice. The airline environment is what it is. People get sick. Machines break. Weather does not cooperate. Sometimes “culture” is a casualty of reality. You imply that Southwest’s Mando is unique. It is not. Nobody likes Mando but sometimes it has to be. If culture is that important, it is not comparable with airline employment. There is a choice.

    1. Southwest might consider becoming a merger acquisition target and once acquired, stockholders will get paid off by the airliner that wins

      1. James you have a sense of humor within yourself that is questionable, SWA has much more money than they know what to do with.

  2. Believe me other airlines have different code words that mean the same thing. They all have issues. To pick specifically one and report on their downfalls and claim no “Christmas luv” seems a bit one sided. For example….I worked for a local airline company where that Twitter post alone would be grounds for termination. Being that it’s specifically meant for employees eyes only. Also you are not required to answer your phone while not on the clock unless otherwise stated in your contract. So by avoiding answering the phone while under a “Mando” time period while off the clock, is perfectly fine. You are not obligated to do so. Just sayin..

    1. My flight was delayed 5 time from Oahu to Maui. But I would like to thank the beautiful staff working. They showed Luv. Our boarding agent worked from 12 and stayed til the very end and was scheduled for the next
      day at 6 am. I call this type of people loyal and that is what makes the wait worth it. When we reached Maui as tired as everyone was the staff came on the plane and gave us a very uplifting spirit and wishing all a Merry Christmas. Very apologetic. The crew was just amazing joking with all. Mahalo Southwest 🌲

  3. The mind set at SW is much the same as all big outfits, IBM, AT&T and others. To move up in the company you go where you are needed. This will require you to move around the country and do what is needed within the company. This is not good or bad, it just is a fact. When you leave the company, your life becomes yours again.

    I don’t believe SW will ever run Hawaiian out of business because they have very different products.

    This current nasty weather is giving all the airlines across the country a hard time.

    1. Roy I Agree with You. I have worked in a Similar Environment, totally different Industry, and Advancement was pinned to being the “go to” person that was able to move around wherever and whenever needed. The Ability to have the hands on knowledge and abilities to solve the problems and Actually making it happen is a benefit to the company and helps climb the ladder. I see nothing new or wrong with that and helps people find motives to learn and do more. Every Industry has its own version.

      1. Actually from what I hear SW is easy going. Our neighbor several years back worked for a small Bell phone company. They built a new home and within a month AT&T purchased his small Bell company. He was in middle management. AT&T told him he was going to move or they would get rid of him. They had to sell their new home and move to where AT&T wanted him. In the long run it worked out for them.

  4. I don’t consider mandatory overtime, including consequences to be a “threat.” Seems like a reasonable condition of employment.

  5. I am a current employee with southwest airlines at ogg. Yes mando sucks and the holiday season sucks in the aviation industry. But i feel that southwest takes care of their employees more than any other airlines. Today we received an email that every ground operstions employee will receive time in a half for a regular scheduled 8 hour shift double time for any additional hours you volanteer to pick up and on Christmas day receive triple time for any hours work in addition to a regular paid 8 hours of holiday pay. I was a previous employee for hawaiian airlines and I will be very honest they not once offered us any type of holiday compensation near this. They would refuse to pay an employee overtime. It wont let me write more

    1. Also this pay rate started today and will last until January 8th. Last year they gave us this same compensation from nov 15 until January 15 due to being short staffed. If that doesnt show you that southwest doesnt care about their employees i dont know what to tell you. SW take care of their employees as much as they take care of their customers in my eyes.

  6. One of the major issues I have with Southwest is their lack of cooperation with competitors. Most other major airlines can rebook you on their competitors in the event of issues. Not Southwest; you are totally at their mercy.

    Granted, right now all airlines are struggling. But Southwest by it’s very nature is surely the one most exposed to these issues.

    1. Thats because SWA does not codeshare with any airline. Same reason you cannot book SWA on priceline or some other third party site.

  7. Worked on the airline industry for many years with a company (that briefly flew to Hawaii) that was known to be much less lucrative and positive than Southwest. This company treated any non-union employees less than ideally.

    People at Southwest are typically quite content and happy. I’ve had less than ideal interactions with Southwest employees maybe once or twice over hundreds, if not thousands of interactions.

    Irregular operations, or irregular ops are tough. Nobody likes mandatory overtime, or mando as it’s referred to here but in the airline business, it comes with the bennies, aka benefits!

  8. Most of my working career was spent in the nuclear power business. During refueling/maintenance shutdowns it was common to work 20-25 straight days of 10 and 12-hour shifts. The overtime checks were really nice but the bottom line was, it was the career that we all chose.

  9. I do not work for SW. I am a stranded passenger since Friday w/1st available departure Monday. It is aggravating to read on sided stories of how people perceive things to be. I will give SW the benefit of the doubt that it is merely trying to express to its Team that It Needs all hands on Deck. They get to tell passengers “let’s both be patient, we are both having a long day. I am trying to help you. Let’s hit the reset. SW has been great to us in Working hard to get us rebooked. We are a fam of 4 who will now fly in pair of 2s in 2 different planes on Monday. Took hours but they right away helped. During this time of yr we should all look for brightness not a reason to fault. That can wait for later. How can the prez mess be cleaned up.


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